Fun Things To See And Do At The Singapore Zoo

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Fun Things To See And Do At The Singapore Zoo

Visiting a zoo remains a fun and exciting experience for both adults and kids. It is where you can reconnect with nature and see the animals in a comfortable setting. If you are planning to visit Singapore in near future once it is safe to travel overseas, you must not miss your chance to visit its zoo aka the Singapore zoo.

This zoo is one of the biggest zoos with an open space concept in the world that will give you and your family a chance to meet a lot of endangered animals. It is home to 2.400 specimens of over 300 species from around the world and 34% of the Singapore Zoo animals are endangered animals by the way.

However, the Singapore Zoo entrance fee is quite affordable so it won’t cost you a fortune to bring your entire family there. The ticket can be bought online on Traveloka for quick and secure travel. There are a lot of fun things to do inside the zoo that will be loved by adults and kids.

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  1. Meet One of Largest Apes In The World: The Orangutan

Have you ever met an Orangutan before? It’s such a beautiful and smart creature. Its name’s literal meaning is “man of the forest” because of its huge size (200 pounds for an adult male). Orangutans are an endangered animal endemic to Sumatra and Borneo Island. 

The current estimation of their population is only about 230.000. Your family and you can not only meet this beautiful species in their habitat at the Singapore Zoo but also take a picture and feed them. 

  1. Watch the Lovely Panda Doing Fun Things

It is not everyday that you can see a panda chilling and eating bamboo, right? But you can witness their cuteness in the Singapore Zoo.

Sometimes it does sliding, rolling, squeaking, or just eating but everything it does is funny to watch especially for your kids. 

  1. Meet Cheetah and Lion, Anyone?

While pandas and orangutans are herbivores and gentle, cheetahs and lions are wild and kind of mischievous. But you still can see them up close in this zoo. 

No need to worry because as one of the best rainforest zoos in the world, the Singapore Zoo gives you strong window glass protection so you can say hello and try to snap a photo or two with them.

  1. Learning More About The Animal and Its Conservation

The Singapore Zoo is a part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore; an institution that aims to conserve the biodiversity beauty of Southeast Asia. Part of its programs is providing necessary education about wildlife and its health care. 

At the Singapore Zoo, you can learn about how animal life is, as well as how conservation is needed to prevent an animal from extinction. Surely the Singapore Zoo is the best place for your children to learn how the animal must be loved and preserved so all of us can stay long enough in this world, together.

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  1. Let Your Kids Entertained With Animal Shows and Water Boom

Get your kids a rest and watch domesticated animals show. See how the funny animal show can encourage your kids to love animals and their surroundings more. After the show ends, you can bring your kids to a big animal-designed water boom and let them play happily.

Getting hungry? No need to worry because the Singapore Zoo has three dining places for you to try! Just choose between food at Zoo entrance, dining in Zoo, or Wild Dining with Orangutan!

The Singapore Zoo really has a lot of things to offer. So go ahead and plan your visit there later when it is safe to go outside again. Meanwhile, take care and stay healthy!