Get Ready To Harvest Some Marijuana This Summer

Rohan Mathew

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Finally, that time of the year when we leave jackets and coats behind is starting to get close. It’s almost that period of the year where days are long and sunny, contrary to the grey old cold days from winter or autumn, or the bipolar days of spring.

And when is a better time than before the beginning of summer for starting to grow your own marijuana plants? All I can hear as I say long and sunny days is big and healthy weed plants.

But, you may be wondering what’s the relation between growing marijuana plants and the time of the year. Well, it’s all relying on that relation. Ok, most of it, allow me to explain.

So, there are two types of marijuana seeds: photoperiod and autoflowering seeds. One of them relies purely on the amounts of light they receive, guess which one? The photoperiodics, of course!

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As their name suggests, photoperiodic cannabis seeds are ones that will grow and start flowering depending purely on the light cycle they receive. But let me explain further why it is that this amount of light is so important.

Cannabis plants grow in two different stages, the vegetative and the flowering stage. The vegetative stage is the one in which the seed goes all the way from a seed into becoming a lady plant, one that’s tall and strong enough to hold the baby buds she’ll soon give birth to.

Now, remember how we mentioned the importance of light cycles? This is where it all comes in. In order for a photoperiodic plant to switch into the flowering stage and start producing the marijuana buds we’ll look oh so forward to harvesting, the plant will need to receive less than 12 hours of light a day.

From the moment you germinate the seeds, which should be ideally somewhere near the Spring Equinox, a.k.a. the first day of spring, you’ll want to make sure that your marijuana plants are getting over 12 hours of direct light a day, preferably 14 hours or more.

Take it this way, light is for marijuana plants what milk is for newborn babies. During the first couple of months after their arrival on earth, all a newborn baby will need to grow is their mother’s milk, and more than a couple of times a day. Then, as the baby starts growing older, they will no longer depend solely on this mama milk but on other nutrients as well, and fewer times a day than during the first months.

Well, with weed plants, it’s not all that different. These baby greens will need plenty of hours of milk (sun) during their first cycle on earth, and then as they grow older, they’ll still be in need of this light but, again, fewer amounts, as well as other nutrients provided by their ground soil and maybe some additionals too.

Once they reach a healthy level and the light cycle they receive drops, these plants will have become full adults and switch into the final stage of flowering, in which they’ll produce the buds we were patiently expecting all along.

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Where do autoflowers come in then? Well, these guys are like weed plants point zero. As their name suggests, they are independent ladies who don’t need no man, or light, to kick into their flowering stage. This means that autoflowers will start flowering no matter how much light they’re provided with, but relying rather more on their own internal and biological clocks.

For this reason, if you’ve bumped into this article just now, perhaps already too late into the summer to start growing photoperiods, or maybe if you live somewhere where more than 12 hours of daylight everyday sounds like a dream, then autoflowers may be the perfect solution for you. While thoughts concerning autoflowers tend to be quite mixed, some growers are all in for them while others will completely reject them, the thing is, when it comes to these seeds, it’s all about the quality actually. If you’re looking for autoflowering seeds, or any type of seeds for what matters, you should definitely invest in well-known brands, such as Fast Buds, to make sure that your money will be worth it and your seeds won’t go to trash. Choose your seeds right, according to your favorite flavors and aromas, and enjoy your growing experience! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your own delicious homemade weed buds on a blasting sunny day.