Gift Giving – A Philosophy For Social Change

Rohan Mathew

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Gift-giving is one of those things that have always been important in society. Whether it’s small things or large, it’s essential to understand how gift-giving impacts society from top to bottom. As of right now, society is closer to what would be termed as capitalist patriarchy and it is the way we see the world around us every day.

Those who want to envision a society in a new way will have to appreciate what it means to believe in Goddesses. It’s all about appreciating what is going on around you and seeing the world in a different light. A lot of people don’t do this and that is what makes it hard to drive social change the way it needs to be.

The goal is to make sure you are implementing a unique POV that is going to allow you to better recognize the messages that are important in the grand scheme of things.

One of the reasons gift-giving is empowering has a lot to do with the meanings that are exchanged through these assets. For example, a person that is going to be giving you a gift is also allowing you to see a different side to them and what the world has to offer. It can be something as simple as a book. If that book has a specific message, this is going to drive social change.

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It is a way to make sure people are seeing the world differently and learning from each other. It is a way to recognize what language and money is all about while steering clear of traditional things such as capitalism. It is about understanding the importance of human beings around you and what their viewpoints are.

This isn’t always easy, but gift-giving makes it possible.

You can relate to each other and communicate uniquely. For those who want to experience everything that is happening around them, sometimes all it takes is the right gift.

There are certain situations where people give gift just because they want to position themselves in society. This can be something as simple as helping a person out because that is a gift of love. This allows people to bond and become closer to each other regardless of who they are.

Rather than seeing each other as just a pawn in the system, it becomes easier to see the personality that is behind a person’s physical self. It is a way to bridge that gap people often forget about when they are seeing others in a capitalist setting.

The idea of giving and receiving has been around for a long time and it didn’t always have to do with compensation. It had to do with letting other people find something beneficial while also getting the opportunity to build relationships. It was a way to spread the word about things and learn more about others around you.

Gift giving is intrinsic to human nature and all that it stands for.

This is seen from the time you are born and have to take from those around you. A baby isn’t going to have anything to give, but it’s going to receive an abundance of love and that is the gift needed to thrive. Unfortunately, this tends to go away as a person grows older and ends up entering the capitalist community that is seen all around them. However, mothering is a wonderful example of what gift giving is all about when it is viewed in the right light.

It is a way for the mother to pass on her teachings to her children while also being able to raise them to live in a better society. It is a role that is still deemed to be important and it all starts with the gift of love.

If you take the time to dig deeper, you will realize gifts are also seen in different forms, and sometimes they are not tangible. This means they are not going to result in you receiving a wrapped present that is going to be opened later on. Instead, you are going to receive words of affirmation and they are going to fill you with positivity that is a must in life.

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These words are a great example of social change when the right things are said. It is a way to teach, learn, and adapt to society so everyone grows together.

These are the gifts that matter and that is why gift-giving plays such an integral role in society. It is a way to better understand what everyone has to say and what they stand for as human beings. Without this information, you are always going to be a step behind and that is what leads to inefficiencies developing that are harder to overcome. Once you know this, you can start making the most of gift-giving.