How to Make Attention-Grabbing Video Infographics for Your Business

Rohan Mathew

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Video content is topping the lists of ways to get your messages out. Whether you are creating video infographics for your business or personal use, this mode of marketing is relatively inexpensive.

Infographics are an easy way to present data in a short and engaging way. By incorporating stats and images to tell a story, you quickly communicate a message to your audience.

Keep reading to learn more for a quick tutorial on how to create attention-grabbing video infographics for your business.

Outline the Story for Your Video Infographics Project

Having a clear understanding of the story you want to tell is an important part of designing your presentation. This includes knowing your target audience and having a clear call to action.

People prefer video infographics because it gives a quick summary of vital information in one place.

Download an App to Help

To make life easier, research the best infographic video maker for your project. Most brands come with a free version. Depending on how technical and flashy you want your infographic, you may want to invest in a premium brand.

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Gather Vibrant Images and videos

Images and videos can make or break your infographics. Make sure the files you select either belong to you or come with usage rights. Visual graphics also need to be relevant to the information within the video.

Most important, when it comes to using images and videos, they need to have clear, vibrant photos at the right resolution.

Fact Check Your Sources

Since infographics are about providing information, make sure the data is factual. You’ll also want to cite your sources as you would with any project.

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Work on Your Narration

Narration is actually the fun part of your project. It is where you tell the story from beginning to end. It doesn’t have to be you talking the entire video, either.

Experiment with animations and music for infographic video projects. This is a great way to avoid having a video that comes across as monotone. Keep the audience engaged by switching things up.

Layout and Edit Your Project

The final steps to creating your video infographic are the layout and final edits. Don’t get caught up trying to get it right the first time. If you are not satisfied with the first draft, move things around.

The more you work on your projects, the better you will become in placing information in the right place.

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Release It to Your Audience

Now that you are satisfied with your video, it’s time for the reveal. These presentations can be shared in an in-person group setting or via a conference call. They also make great content for social media marketing.

After its release, be sure to get feedback from your audience.

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That Was Easy, Right?

As you become more experienced at creating video infographics, you will want to make them more often. Save time and money by using the right methods of marketing.

If you enjoyed this article and found it useful, check back for more great content and life hacks.