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Good photos qualify for fake id design. Legal issue ids have some of the best images taken using quality equipment. The aim is to ensure every facial feature is identifiable with a single glance. The eyes should be clear and not hidden behind your hair, and the hair should be neat and held back from your face.

The advancement in technology makes it easier to take a good photo. Since more and more people love to record their experiences through pictures, it is vital to have the best equipment. Plus, taking the image in your home can save you on costs incurred searching for a professional photographer.

Where to start?

Taking a photo is not an easy job, and you cannot do it by yourself. It would be best if you had assistance in taking the photos. The first rule in taking a good image or picture for an id is not to smile. Suppose you love posing, reserve for other photographs. An id photo has specific rules that you must accomplish, put in place by the fake id vendors like IDGod

You upload the photo you take to Ensure that it meets all the rules, and it is of good quality as indicated. Otherwise, the website may have to delay your application by rejecting your photo. If you cannot do it yourself, consider visiting a passport photo studio and get one done for you. advises against using a smartphone to take a photo for your fake id. Some smartphones indeed have high-quality cameras with a greater resolution for a clear picture. However, you need the image to be as authentic as possible. Most government agencies use regular cameras to take your id photo. Thus, you need to follow in the same footsteps when replicating a fake id.

What are the essentials?

Id photos are simple enough to take on your own, depending on your knowledge of the basics. If there are no skills in taking the images, ensure you have a partner to help you shoot or design the background. This way, you get the right photo-id set-up. However, several important items are to check off on your lists to ensure the photo is a quality one.

Know the basics

Colored id photos are not white and black. You should not add any formatting on the pictures, such as shadows, a simple highlight, or any other preferable color. Also, always take a colored photo. The advancement in technology allows you to take a quality picture anytime if you so desire.

You can decide to present a photo you possess. But it should be less than six months old. Many consider changes in facial features to make it more pronounced over long periods. Therefore, if older than six months, you will have to take a new fake id photo.

Use a light background when taking the fake id photo. Depending on the state you are buying the fake id for, the background color will change accordingly. Some use a bright blue as the background, others a simple off-white color to highlight an individual’s face.

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Facial expressions and pose

A quality fake id photo enumerates your face in full. Therefore, when taking the picture, face the camera such that your face falls within the camera range. Try and keep your face expressionless. Keep your eyes open for the id photo. However, if you are applying for a passport, opening your eyes is optional.

What to wear? advises you to apply no makeup. Wear normal clothes, not too fancy since it is a photo. Use minimal accessories and none on your face, not even earing on your ears. Unless you have a medical condition, avoid eyeglasses. They hinder your eye color from appearing on the fake id.

Avoid wearing hats as they hinder your hair. They are not neat and provide shadows that cover your face. Since your facial features are more important for a good fake id design, you need to stay away from your favorite hats.

However, every fake id website has their suggestions and procedures to follow when taking a fake id photo. Always use a sample picture from the website to match the quality to avoid getting it wrong. Your photo or image on the id is fundamental to the success and use of the id.

Here some of the guidelines provides potential clients.

Always stand in front of a wall. The wall background should be any color. However, we advise that it should match the state backdrops on the legal issue ids.

  • We prefer dark clothing as it makes it easier to crop unwanted photo sections. Also, it is a cool contrast for your skin, helping enumerate your main facial features.

  • Your hair should be clean and neat. Ensure it does not cover your front or the eyes. We need to be able to see your eye colors.

  • We prefer the use of high-quality cameras to take the picture. Avoid zooming in, taking a head shot, selfie mode, or flash mode. Balance the digital camera, and take a quality picture.

  • Take a photo from your waist up. It helps when cropping as it ensures that the image retains its original pose.

  • All of the other instructions, as discussed above in the article, also apply.

Tips to taking a great fake id photo

  • Always use a tripod. It helps balance the camera and allows the person taking the picture to concentrate on you.

  • Always use a nice color backdrop or just the gray or white wall.

  • Keep to the size or shape as indicated by the fake id website.

  • Do not use your phone to take the photo. it may have too many shadows due to poor lighting or camera quality

  • Always appear neat and, above all, clean when you appear in the photo.

  • Always follow any instructions issued on taking a passport photo on the main fake id site.


The quality of a fake id depends on the quality of the photo you add to it. Following these instructions will ensure provides you with the best fake id in the market. Get to and order one today!

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