7 Good Reasons to Study in Australia

Rohan Mathew

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You want to improve your English, study while discovering a new culture, take advantage of your studies to explore new horizons, why not take advantage of your studies to differentiate yourself, mature by going to study in Australia. The choices that affect your future are immense, so here are some tips that might help you tip the scales!

A recognized degree

No need to worry about your bachelor’s degree (equivalent to the license in France) or your Australian master’s degree (the equivalent of your master 2) being recognized in the labor market. Australian universities are recognized for their quality and that is also why they attract so many students each year. In addition, studying in Australia is much more attractive in recent years. Go to CatEight School Finder, and you can search for universities in Australia.

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Australian quality of life!

You are looking for a city recognized internationally for its quality of life for students… then it’s simple if you do a Google search and type “the most pleasant cities for students in the world”, you immediately come across Melbourne in the list. 

Administrative facilities for working

The attractiveness of Australia and the arrival of more and more backpackers have had the effect of making it easier to obtain a permit, open a bank account, access the job market. A Student Visa is not as permissive as a WHV (which allows you to work as much as you want) but will already allow you to work for up to 40 hours a fortnight during your school periods and full time during your holidays. Enough to round off the end of the month and why not prepare yourself for a road trip to discover the riches of the country!

A continent country

It’s not the next door and that’s also the reason you won’t find low cost tickets for less than 50 euros to get there. Australia is an island continent which is 7 times the size of France and is more than 20,000km from it! Between the famous coral reef which makes it a paradise for divers (so beautiful but so fragile) and photographers (those who adore shades of blue will have a blast. If you don’t have a drone and Instagram account to bring back memories, now is the time to think about it!). 2000km to explore off Queensland. (by comparison, a Paris Moscow is about 2480km) but if you are not a diving enthusiast and you prefer the beach and the surf (Bondie beach is the beach to be recorded in to do list), it is 30,000km of coastline awaiting you along the Great Ocean Road!

Australia is unique flora and fauna

Australian wildlife is unique in the world. A menagerie populated by pelicans, sea lions, crocodiles, pythons… Not to mention the cute koalas, hopping wallabies and the inevitable kangaroos. Queensland, for example, alone has seven million. They are everywhere ! In the ocean, life is teeming just as much: manta rays, turtles, whales and… yes, enough sharks to make sure you don’t end up for lunch. And the same goes for plants, of the more than 24,000 plant species recorded in the country, over 90% only thrive in Australian habitats. In Tasmania, for example, you will find pine trees over 10,000 years old.

Be dazzled by the coral on the great barrier

3000 reefs and 600 islands, this is what James Cook saw pass before his eyes on April 19, 1770 at 6a.m. A A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore this gem but there are a thousand ways to approach the largest living structure in the world: partying on one of the Airlie Beach tours, water sports on Hamilton Island, boarding in Cairns to go diving on the most beautiful spots or by improvising voluntary shipwreck in one of the many national parks made up of lush islands. The most exciting, of course, is immersing yourself in this giant aquarium to experience the reef’s calm seas, deep faults and underwater tunnels. In fact, a mask and a snorkel are enough to open your eyes to the 2,000 species of corals, 500 varieties of algae and 1,500 varieties of fish. Enough to get a fairly precise idea of tropical paradise.

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Adopt the relax attitude

Australians deserve their reputation as super cool people. Their favorite expression? “No worries, mate” (don’t worry buddy). To hear them, anything is better than getting angry: you might as well take life on the safe side. Their motto is the song of the Lion King: “Hakuna Matata” (no problem). In contact with this contagious relaxation, the muscles loosen, the stress flies away … No doubt, on the other side of the planet, we see life from another angle.

The advantages of Australia as a “study destination” are many and varied. The quality of education, the pragmatism of the programs which respond well to the needs of employers around the world, the costs which remain lower than those of most other Anglo-Saxon countries, and in particular the costs of studies in the United States, quality of the infrastructures, research equipment and sports equipment made available to students, the availability of teachers, the teaching method based on very strong interactivity and on the development of students’ critical thinking, the very great range of programs offered, etc.