What is Googie Architecture?

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After you came across the word Googie you must be wondering what is the meaning of Googie Architecture? Googie architecture is a type of futurist architecture. Which has its inspiration from jets, car cultures, space-age, and even atomic age? It was first Googie was The Streamline Moderne Architecture in California in 1930. It was very popular from 1945 to the 1970s.

The Googie themed architecture is very popular in motels, coffee shops, and gas stations. But in then it became well known as mid-century modern style. The elements of the same represent the Populuxe aesthetic as Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center.

The term Googie is from an old coffeehouse in Hollywood that was designed by John Lauter which is now-defunct.

If you are thinking of the features of Googie then here are some. Googie has upswept roofs, some geometric shapes, curvaceous. They also include the use of bold glass, neon, and even steel. Google also has some space-age design symbols of motion like boomerangs, parabolas, and flying saucers. All these conventions represent American society’s fascination that has Space Age themes. As time passed Googie became less valued with the Art Deco style that was of 1910 to 1930, for example, the Oldest McDonald Stand in Downey, California.

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7 best examples of Googie Architecture

Below are 7 best Googie Architecture Buildings that are famous and must-visit ones.

  1. 300 Bowl – Phoenix, Arizona

This Googie Architecture was designed by John Lautner in 1949

  1. Caribbean Motel – Wildwood, New Jersey

Also known as Doo Wop the famous Motel was built in 1957 and is a very popular resort.

  1. Bob’s Big Boy – Burbank, California

The oldest surviving from the chains of Bob’s Big Boy was built in 1949 which was designed by Wayne McAllister.

  1. Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, California

This flying saucer-like Googie Architecture was opened in 1967.

  1. Linbrook Bowl – Anaheim, California

This bowling alley with its fake rock walls was opened in 1958 and it still has the same vintage feel.

  1. Norms – Los Angeles, California

Norms is a very popular coffee house cum restaurant that was opened in 1957. It is a must-visit for you if you are a Googie architecture fan.

  1. LAX Encounter – Los Angeles, California

LAX was a restaurant that was completed in 1961 and encountered closure in December 2012 and Now it is owned by Bob Hope USO Organization.

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What does Googie mean?

Googie Architecture is an architecture that is inspired by Space Age, Atomic Age, Jets, and Car Culture.

What are the features of architecture?

Durability. Utility and Beauty are the three main features of good architecture.


Googie architecture is a beautifully designed futuristic architecture that is influenced by various designs by Space Age, Atomic Age, and Jets. Googie themed restaurants and Coffee houses are very popular for Googie Architecture.