On-Page SEO Checklist – Optimize Your Website Completely

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Here we are with a complete on-page SEO checklist. If you consider this checklist then you can manage your monthly SEO packages  in a better way. This checklist is enough for anyone to optimize the page to rank higher on SERP.

Without any worry, you can try all these things. It will be more beneficial than any monthly SEO packages.

Understand On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is optimizing your website structure, web pages, and content at the same time. On-page optimization works upon factors that are used by crawlers. They go through various factors like titles, meta description, Schema markup, etc. All these factors are optimized using on-page SEO tactics. Major monthly SEO packages always have these factors.

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Why Do You Need On-Page SEO?

You think that your content is informative and it is enough to rank on SERPs? No, it is not possible with just quality content. Only visitors will read your posts or articles. But search engine crawlers are not going to read your post completely. They will check for other factors. On-page SEO will impress search engines and their crawlers. You can get some monthly SEO packages or you can do it on your own.

Go Through The Checklist

Below we have created a simple checklist. This checklist has 20 elements. If you focus on all these 20 factors, then your website will rank for sure. So let’s start with the list.

#1. Page Titles

Have you seen the page titles on the tabs of any web browser? These names are very important. Try to use keywords in it. Also, make it catchy and keep it short (around 55-60 characters). It should be reflecting the purpose of the page. It should be describing what this page is about.

#2. Meta Description

Meta description has two benefits. Firstly, it helps crawlers know more about your page. Secondly, people will read this part after the title on the search engine results page. Top monthly SEO packages work hard to create creative and descriptive meta descriptions. The length of the description should be around 160 characters.

#3. URLs Are Important Also

Are you ignoring your page’s URL? You must optimize your URLs. Try to make them clear enough rather than using random numbers. Must use the keyword in the URL also. Crawlers read the URLs very strictly.

BONUS TIP: To save time for yourself, you can use your title as the URL also. It will work.

#4. Highlight Your Content

Do not write content in the form of long paragraphs. Try to highlight your content and try to keep it structured. At Least use H1, H2, and H3 headings. For more quality use bullets and pointers too.

#5. Keyword At Right Place

Keyword utilization is important. Try to place your keyword all around the content with 1-2% density. Use the focus keyword in the first and last 100 words of your page.

#6. Interlinks

Link other pages of your website to the page on which you are working. If you have ever bought any monthly SEO packages, then you may know it. It improves engagement and gains traffic.

#7. Supporting Keywords

Don’t rely on focus keywords only. Supporting keywords like secondary keywords, LSI-keyword, long-tail keywords are also important. Try hard to use them also.

#8. Simple Layout

Keep your page layout simple enough for a 12-year kid to understand. This doesn’t mean that a 12-year kid will read your post. But nobody has time to spend on complex web pages. User experience is very important.

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#9. Utilize The Images Properly

Using images is a good idea. But if you are not optimizing them then it is of no use. Image alt tags, captions, file names, and many things can be optimized. Utilize all these things for On-page SEO.

#10. Get Outbound Links

You have interlinked your web pages, great. But now it is time to get outbound links. Link other useful pages to your original page which you believe might help the readers.

#11. Check For Keyword Cannibalization

Never let two or more pages target the same keywords. Try to avoid such drastic mistakes in On-page SEO.

#12. Optimize For Mobile

Most of the users are mobile users rather than desktop users. Try to optimize your website pages for mobile users. Try to make your US and UX according to the mobile user.

#13. Generate Creative Snippets

Rich snippets are useful for On-page SEO. Always try to get the best snippets generated for your websites. Many monthly SEO packages provide such services to get rich snippets.

#14. Content Quality Is Important

We never said that content quality is not important. Without good quality content, no On-page SEO tactics can rank you higher. It is not about SEO but still this tip is always inside major monthly SEO packages.

#15. Encourage Readers To Share

Readers are a good source to bring more outbound links and traffic. Try to encourage them to share your webpages. Try to put some emotional content that brings feel to your pages. Use social media buttons. With such buttons, readers can easily share your content.

#16. Make It Faster

Try hard to make your web pages load faster. No monthly SEO packages can help you if you have low loading speed. Use images with medium quality resolution. Ask your coder to make your page load faster. Nobody waits more than 3 to 5 seconds to open up a webpage. So your pages must load with such a deadline.

#17. Crawlers Love Schema Markup

Schema markup is very important for search engine crawlers. It is all about using the semantic vocabulary on your web pages. It will help search engines to show the most important information on SERPs. You can get more relevant traffic with it. It can be easily done with basic HTML, no other coding is required.

#18. Ask For Feedback

Try to provide some comment sections or review sections to your readers and always ask for feedback from them. The more they write on your page, the more your page will be enriched. Top monthly SEO packages always encourage webmasters to get feedback from readers.

#19. More Related Information

Quality content doesn’t mean writing in a good tone and format. It is about the most related information. Try to provide information via various reader-friendly tactics. These tactics are FAQ, Conclusion, and Case studies. It will help you rank higher in the SERPs.

#20. Strong CTA Is Must

A strong Call-To-Action is required to achieve your final goal. What is your final goal? It can be more traffic, subscribers, sales, or anything. Try putting a strong call to action button on your web pages. Your monthly SEO packages have worked well, you ranked higher, but if you don’t have any CTA then it won’t work. There will be no business benefit for you from such good traffic. So you must pay attention to it.

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Let’s Summarize!

All the above-mentioned things are really important. Skipping any of them is just like losing website traffic. Try to play with all of these tactics. They can bring more organic traffic along with Affordable SEO services. So always try hard to use all of them on your website. If you feel anything missing in this post, then must share it with us.