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Prepare to get in touch with your primal instincts with Gorilla Glue feminized seeds. This well-balanced hybrid is known for its astronomically high THC levels, and any veteran chasing that sky-high should keep it on their radar.

Be warned; this strain is not for the faint of heart. Weed from feminized Gorilla Glue seeds hits as hard as a raging primate, delivering profoundly positive effects that touch the spirit and soothe both body and mind.

As the budchild of three iconic cultivars, Gorilla Glue is a critically acclaimed strain that won various awards over the years. This strain is highly valued in medical and recreational circles. It provides the user with simultaneous cerebral freedom and physical relaxation.

Plants from feminized Gorilla Glue seeds are a breeze to manage and astonishing to behold. It’s no wonder then that this strain is popular amongst cannabis cultivators, and you’re about to become one of them.

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Gorilla Glue feminized seeds: Description

As an extremely sticky crop that delivers a powerful high, Gorilla Glue cannabis amassed an immense following in medicinal and leisure stoner circles worldwide.

This multi-award-winning strain holds the gold at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. It also got the best hybrid award at the Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup of that same year.

Created by crossing three legendary strains, feminized Gorilla Glue seeds boast steady genetics coupled with reliable growth tendencies. With THC levels as high as 28%, this indica-dominant hybrid is well-known for its intense psychoactive traits.

Fast-acting buds from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds induce intense uplifting and relaxing effects for the body and mind. Almost immediately after hitting your lungs, they clear the way for pleasurable mental stimulation, freeing you from stress and tension.

With the initial euphoria, users can expect glee and giggles. As the buzz winds down, this weed brings on the munchies and extreme lethargy, gluing you to the couch before inevitably sweeping you off to Neverland.

Despite the low CBD contents, the herb also does therapeutic magic. It relieves pain related to various health concerns, making it a favorite among patients looking for a potent way to medicate.

As a beginner-friendly cultivation challenge, Gorilla Glue feminized seeds develop into fertile plants that produce fruitful harvests. With minimum TLC, even the most inexperienced cultivators can successfully grow these robust beauties

Read on as we explore the effects, aroma, germination, and growth traits of feminized Gorilla Glue seeds.

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Gorilla Glue feminized: Effects 

Hitting like a Silverback gorilla, it only takes one toke of Gorilla Glue to send you on a mental trip of epic proportions. This weed eliminates all external stressors, replacing them with intense positivity while sending your mind on a soaring high.

While delivering a soothing, calming cerebral buzz, weed from feminized Gorilla Glue seeds induces an intense body stone. You’ll find yourself lacking the motivation to move even a finger as this ganja glues you to the couch.

The intensity of its relaxing whims gradually escalates, making you all lazier and lazier. During the experience, the munchies set in. It’s a good idea to prepare some snacks before indulging in buds from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds.

Following a long, drawn-out body relaxation coupled with lasting mental stimulation, the sedative effects of this weed bring on drowsiness that turns into a comatose-like sleep.

For medical cannabis users, the high THC levels and unique terpene profile of Gorilla Glue hold many potential health benefits

According to consumers, the strain’s combination of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties provides instant and long-lasting pain relief from health concerns such as:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Arthritis

Users also claim that the euphoric effects of cannabis from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds alleviate the symptoms of various mental health concerns, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • OCD
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression

The munchies are inevitable when consuming Gorilla Glue. According to medical cannabis patients, this trait makes the hybrid highly effective in dealing with nausea and loss of appetite.

Gorilla Glue’s intense sedative effects ultimately result in deep, restful sleep. It’s the ideal strain to combat fatigue and insomnia.

Take note: Overindulging in weed from feminized Gorilla Glue seeds is ill-advised. Excessive dosing may result in dizziness and heightened feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Red eyes and cottonmouth are common and easy to overcome with hydration and moderation.

Gorilla Glue feminized: Flavors

The pungent aroma of weed from Gorilla Glue feminized seeds is the product of the hybrid’s modest yet powerful terpene profile. It consists of:

  • Linalool
  • Humele
  • Limonene
  • Alpha-pinene

In all honesty, Gorilla Glue feminized seeds grow into extraordinarily smelly crops. With a heavy ammonia scent, it’s no wonder that this hybrid’s aroma is somewhat divisive amongst users.

Even though consumers often compare Gorilla Glue’s scent to cat urine, it ultimately tends to grow on you. With progressive use, you’ll start noticing the subtler, more pleasant fragrances in this cultivar’s smoke.

After lighting up, you’ll experience a full-bodied, flavorful aroma consisting of chocolate, bitter coffee, and earthiness.

When inhaled, a metallic mix of kerosene, diesel, and peppery spice underlined by hints of mocha and pine entices the senses. Exhaling leaves a sweet chocolate flavor on the tongue, reminiscent of grandma’s cake.

How to germinate Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

Before you get growing, you have to sprout your Gorilla Glue feminized seeds. This guide brings several easy and effective ways to do it.

Regardless of which marijuana seed germination technique you prefer to use, certain elements never change. Always follow these rules:

  • Keep the relative humidity between 70% and 90%.
  • The optimal temperatures for germinating marijuana seeds range between 70 and 80°F.
  • Ensure that the space in which you’re keeping sprouting Gorilla Glue feminized seeds is moist or damp.
  • Avoid tampering with sprouting cannabis seeds.
  • If you’re sprouting your marijuana seeds in Rockwool plugs or a hydro setup, it’s vital to keep the pH level between 5.8 and 6.2.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three most widely used and simplest cannabis seed sprouting methods.

1: Direct planting

Direct planting is probably the most straightforward and natural germination technique out there. The process involves planting your cannabis seeds directly in the medium where you plan on growing them.

The main benefit of this technique is that it eliminates potentially damaging or shocking the seedlings while planting or moving them. Your feminized Gorilla Glue seeds quickly adapt to their new housing and start to grow almost straight away.

Here’s a brief rundown of this approach:

  1. Collect small containers equal to the number of marijuana seeds you intend to raise and fill them with mildly fertilized potting soil.
  2. Using a small round object, like a pen, make roughly one-inch deep holes in the surface of the soil. Place one Gorilla Glue feminized seed in each pot and cover it with dirt.
  3. Keep the small containers warm by placing them under a fluorescent lamp.
  4. Using distilled water and a spray bottle, gently moisten the potting soil in each container. Keeping the dirt damp throughout the germination process is crucial.
  5. Within four to seven days, your Gorilla Glue auto feminized seeds should break through the dirt, revealing their cotyledons.
  6. When your seedlings stand two to four inches tall, transplant them into larger containers roughly an inch deeper than before.

2: Seedling plugs

Seedling plugs and starter cubes are a foolproof, set and forget marijuana seed germination technique. Every unit has a prefabricated hole for weed seeds on one side.

All this approach requires is to place one cannabis seed per plug or cube and add water. Your feminized Gorilla Glue seeds should develop a healthy taproot in an environment with optimal temperature within a few days.

Unfortunately, these units come in packs of fifty. The cubes dry out roughly a week after being opened. If you’re only germinating a few marijuana seeds, other plugs inevitably go to waste.

3: Overnight soaking

Another straightforward sprouting technique is overnight soaking. Besides being highly effective, this approach can also revitalize older marijuana seeds.

This process requires filling a glass with lukewarm water, placing your cannabis seeds inside, and soaking them overnight.

Your Gorilla Glue feminized seeds should sink after floating for a few hours. Using a transparent container lets you observe the taproot breaking through the seeds’ shell.

If for some reason, your cannabis seeds don’t sprout within 32 hours, it’s crucial to remove them from the container. After doing so, place them in a warm, moist area to complete the process.

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds: Grow information

Feminized Gorilla Glue seeds are ideal for first-time growers and novices who wish to practice more advanced cultivation techniques. Due to the strain’s indica-dominant genetics, plants are robust and highly resistant to common blunders.

Crops typically stand between 4.5 and 6.5 feet tall, making them ideal for cultivation in a controlled environment. When grown indoors, though, it’s essential to install an odor control system to deal with these plants’ overwhelming, acrid scent.

The following tips help you get the most out of Gorilla Glue feminized seeds:

  • Maintain a temperature between 68 and 79 °F
  • Keep the relative humidity between 40% and 50%
  • Implement a Sea of Green (SOG) setup with a minimum of four plants

As your plants get closer to harvest time, the colas begin to appear wintry and snow-coated with an immense amount of compact trichomes. Simultaneously, the buds take on a stunning forest green shade, covered in furry, vivid amber pistils.

After eight to nine weeks of flowering, plants reward the cultivator with 15–19 ounces of exceptionally potent weed per square meter.

Cultivating feminized Gorilla Glue seeds outdoors requires a Mediterranean-like climate. Under optimal conditions, a grower can expect a yield of 21–23 oz./plant of delicious, highly resinous buds.

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds genetics

As the fortunate result of accidental hermaphroditic (hermie) pollination, Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are the offspring of three cannabis VIPs:

Chem Sister Gorilla Glue
Sour Dubb
Chocolate Diesel

Due to its great effects and formidable medicinal properties, feminized Gorilla Glue seeds amassed quite a following among medical and recreational users over time.

Where to buy Gorilla Glue feminized seeds

If you want to learn more about this strain, click this link and keep researching. Otherwise, let’s move on to buying weed seeds.

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are immensely popular. Most licensed dispensaries in legal states are bound to stock them. If you can access one and have all the proper permits, dispensary shopping is the way to go.

If physical shops are out of bounds, you can also find feminized Gorilla Glue seeds at online seed banks. These outlets offer a:

  • A safe shopping environment
  • Well-priced, premium-quality marijuana seeds
  • Cost-reducing deals on a variety of cannabis seeds
  • Germination guarantees
  • Discreet packaging and shipping to any destination within US borders

If you’re serious about cannabis cultivation, order your batch of feminized Gorilla Glue seeds from a seed bank that ticks these boxes. Shopping spots such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensure that you never get stuck with duds and subpar seeds.

It’s Gorilla Glue time

It’s easy to understand why consumers consider Gorilla Glue feminized seeds a celebrity. Combining the genetics of three legendary strains, this fast-acting, hard-hitting cultivar delivers a euphoric high, swiftly followed by a heavy body stone.

The cultivar’s aroma may be an acquired taste. Still, the chemical, spicy, and acrid earthy mocha smoke brings smokers back for more, time and time again.

The calming cerebral buzz of feminized Gorilla Glue seeds washes away stress and worries. Simultaneously, the strain’s sedative properties chill you out completely, resulting in a heavy impact of minimum movement and maximum relaxation.

For cultivators, Gorilla Glue feminized seeds are a dream come true. The sticky, trichome-heavy specimen is an ideal choice for first-timers.

These beauties leave nothing to be desired. Get your hands on a cannabis seed pack and enjoy Gorilla Glue qualities in your own weed garden.