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i didn’t imagine tonsillitis can be so discomforting and painful until I had to suffer from the same. Quite recently, I developed an episode of tonsillitis, owing to it to one of my colleagues who didn’t take proper prevention measures to stop it from spreading. When none of the other treatment options seemed to provide any relief, I sought to undergo a tonsillectomy at Pristyn Care. 

My name is Latika Bhargava. Here’s my story of fighting against tonsillitis and getting permanent relief from Pristyn Care. 

First Signs of Tonsillitis 

I have always been healthy, thanks to my parents who made sure I ate my veggies and exercised regularly. A month ago, as my daily routine went- got up early, exercised regularly and ate a proper breakfast and went to work. Once I reached the office, I saw that one of my teammates, who sits beside me, is having a terrible cough and cold. I went to my desk and settled in. After exchanging niceties, I got to know that she’s suffering from tonsillitis which triggered due to seasonal change. As the weather was transitioning, she fell sick. 

As the day progressed, I also started feeling under the weather and felt a little warm. There was some tingling in my throat with bad breath. I moved away from the air-conditioner which was blasting chilly air. Unfortunately, this didn’t help me much as by then I was having terrible pain in my throat and nose was running. Feeling chilly in the office environment, I decided to take some medicines and continue working from home. Hence, I packed my stuff and went home. 

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I went home and on my mother’s advice, gargled my throat with some warm water with salt and took a throat spray. After resting for a while, I continued with my work but I wasn’t able to give my 100%. The pain rose again and this time it stretched to my ears. My mother touched my forehead and confirmed that I am running a high fever.

These symptoms didn’t subside for over 24 hours. I kept taking throat lozenges, and cough syrups but all in vain. Mistaking it as a common cold, I tried various remedies such as inhaling steam, eating spicy foods, gargling with warm water, etc. All these only soothed out the pain temporarily. 

Tired and fatigued, I entered my symptoms online and came across Pristyn Care. There were several testimonials that motivated me to get in touch with them. I called up their number and was greatly relieved that they can cure sore throat. After talking, they booked up an appointment with one of their doctors for the next day. Meanwhile, I researched about Pristyn Care and their doctors. Their treatments have been widely recommended by several patients. I went through some videos too and was pretty much convinced about their competence. 

Diagnosis by Doctor 

I reached the clinic on time the next morning. Luck playing on my side, there was no long queue and I was called in immediately. Despite having insecurity about the doctor’s expertise, I shared my problems with him. He listened patiently to me as I tried to give him a clear picture of the problem. After letting him know that I have already used throat sprays and tried several remedies, he examined inside my throat while asking me about my medical history. 

Once the examination of the throat and mouth was complete, he informed me that I have developed bacterial tonsillitis along with enlarged adenoids, primarily because I came in contact with someone who has been suffering from one. Both of these problems are making it difficult for me to swallow. He recommended removing the tonsils and adenoids in a procedure known as tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. He painted a vivid picture of the entire procedure and explained to me some possible side effects. He further added that although these side effects occur, they are essential part of recovery and subsides with proper post-operative instructions. 

I was in two minds before but after hearing his explanation and along with the patient testimonials replaying in mind, I decided to give it a go. I let him know that I am ready and booked an appointment within the next 2 days.

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Prepping for Surgery

One of my primary problems which often runs in people’s mind before any surgery was the amount the surgery would cost me. I was anxious about the tedious paperwork that I had to complete, despite having a health insurance plan that covered the entire expense. 

The Pristyn Care insurance team helped me put off this burden by taking care of the entire procedure of insurance claim. All I had to do was to share necessary documents to them through Whatsapp and voila! I got a text saying that the insurance cost has been approved. 

I stopped taking herbal supplements, any kind of blood thinners or even alcohol and all the necessary steps to prepare for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. 

The Surgery

On the day of the surgery, I reached the hospital on the cab arranged by the medical coordinator from Pristyn Care. I took all the necessary precautions recommended by the doctor before reaching the hospital. I remembered to be on an empty stomach before the surgery and took a quick shower. I was getting ready when the medical coordinator informed me that the cab was waiting at my doorstep to take me and my mother to the hospital.

There, a Care Buddy was ready to take care of all the necessary formalities to admit me. I was delighted as I was able to be with my mother throughout the time. After just signing off a couple of forms, I was wheeled into my private room which maintained high levels of safety and hygiene. As I settled in, a nurse came in and within a few minutes assisted me in preparing for the surgery. 

Next, the doctor along with an anesthetist came to take note of the body temperature and blood pressure. With every parameter being normal, I was ready to be administered with anesthesia. 

The anesthetist pricked my arm with an IV channel as anesthesia passed through the veins. I dozed off slowly. After being unconscious for a couple of hours, I woke up feeling mildly nauseated and had a headache. Within moments, the doctor came to assure me that the surgery was complete and there were no unwanted hiccups during both the surgeries. After hearing this, I dozed off to deep slumberagain.

Recovery After Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy 

Upon reaching home, I felt fatigued and tired due to the anesthesia. As per the doctors’ advice, I took complete rest for the first 24 hours, making sure that the head is elevated so that the wound is not disturbed. Whenever I felt like coughing, I drank a few sips of water to moisten the throat and prevent dehydration.  I did not get scared when there was mild to moderate pain in my throat, as the doctor had already warned me about the same as a mild side effect after tonsillectomy. After a couple of days, I gargled with some warm water (not very warm though) for relief. Further, I followed the instructions on the discharge papers to dot and never skipped a dosage for medicines. 

I consumed a liquid diet for a couple of days initially and then gradually shifted to soft foods. I started exercising regularly although I made sure there is no excessive bending or straining.

In a while, I started to feel better and for the initial 48 hours, I was extremely careful while performing any activities- including gulping the food down. After this, I started feeling normal on the third day as the anesthesia effects wore off completely and hence, I decided to start my daily routine carefully. On the third day, I met with the doctor for my follow up at Pristyn Care. Following this, he checked inside the throat and assured that the healing is going as expected.

At present, I am absolutely healthy with no pain. After trying a lot of home remedies and medicines, I was able to get relief and it was just because of the right decision of choosing Pristyn Care for tonsillitis treatment.