Great Ways to Improve Patient Retention Levels

Rohan Mathew

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Over 550,000 people work in the mental health services industry. The modern person has a lot to be stressed about. For most people, getting professional help with their mental health problems is something they view as essential. Failing to get the right help for these ailments will lead to them getting much worse.

If you are a mental health professional with your own practice, finding a way to attract new patients and keep them loyal is imperative. Are you trying to improve patient retention levels? If so, check out the great information in this article.

Get More Organized With the Help of Behavioral Health EHR

As you treat new patients, you will need to create a file. This file will feature everything from a person’s name and address to a detailed list of the problems they have. Keeping the information in the file safe and accessible is a must if you want to keep your patients happy. If a particular patient feels like they are not being shown the right amount of care during a therapy session, they are bound to seek out the help of a competitor.

This is why using behavioral health EHR software is such a wise idea. With the software, you can digitize your existing patient files and easily search for information contained in them. When used correctly, this software can help you reduce the amount of time spent looking for information about the patient you are seeing. If you are interested in behavioral health EHR, you can implement a program like RevenueXL.

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Provide Patients With a Teletherapy Option

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most people interact with the world around them. At the beginning of this pandemic, many medical offices suspended in-person appointments. This was done in an attempt to slow the spread of this dangerous virus. If you are closing your doors to these types of appointments, you have to offer patients a viable alternative.

With the help of a secured Internet connection, a laptop, and a web camera, you can have face to face interactions with your patients. Using technology to stay connected to your patients during this troubling time can be good for everyone involved. Showing patients you are willing to go the extra mile for them will make a big impression. With this positive impression, you should have no problem keeping your customers loyal and happy.

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Have a Detailed Patient Onboarding Procedure

One of the main things most people hate about going to a new doctor or mental health professional is spending time getting all their paperwork filled out. If a patient is not informed about what to bring to their first appointment, they may forget vital documents. Instead of dealing with the aggravation this can cause, you need to work on simplifying this process for new patients.

When first speaking with a new patient, give them a list of everything they need to bring to their appointment. By doing this, you can make the onboarding process easy and carefree for your patients. If at all possible, email all of the information about their appointment to a new patient. Covering all of your bases will allow you to make the first visit into your office a pleasurable experience for a patient.

It Is Time to Take Action

If you are tired of losing patients, you need to do something about it. Utilizing the tips in this article is a great first step to improving patient retention rates.