Guide: Basics of Gate Openers101

Rohan Mathew

A house is someone’s proudest investment. Buying a home for your family is just the primary step of several steps of this long journey. A house is turned into a home by adding elements. These elements help to add a soul to your home where you and your loved ones are going to live in. Elements like Backyard chairs, Outdoor sauna, pet house, chicken coop and what can be considered the most important of all are driveway gates and gate openers.

Almost everyone is enlightened with the fact of the necessity of a gate on their property. No matter, it is a commercial or residential area; one must have a safety measure on their beloved property. Installing a gate represents an extreme level of security.

Choosing the latest tech inventions, such as the Automatic gates is quite an in trend these days. These offer beauty with benefits. For starters, all you need to do is, just sit in your car comfortably while the gate opens itself! Viola! Getting out of the car to open the gate is exhausting. And to hire someone to do this job is just an unnecessary expense. So, choose the best-automated gate opener system which allows opening the gate automatically, and eliminate the need of hiring a watch guard to open the gate every time you come home.

There are so many things to consider while deciding your perfect dream gate. You have to choose the material, design, size, and color. You also have to decide how you want to utilize your fancy new automatic gate. Will the gate slide open? Will it swing? Do you want to use a remote to open it? Or an intercom system? Don’t get overwhelmed. We are here to guide you. Stay tuned till the end of this article.

Let’s discuss the type of gate openers. (We are not going to bore you with the basics of traditional gates, you already know! So let’s’ jump directly to the Modern Automatic Gate openers)

Types of Automatic Gate Openers

There are different types of gate openers that work based on differing applications, and the needs of the consumers. Also of there being different types, there are different ways that gate openers open the gates. And yet again different types on how the gate opening systems are hung, mounted on hinges, columns, or posts. 

Materials, power access, handle, every small thing is different and it matters what you choose. You may use your gate opener only a few times a day or you could be opening and closing it constantly. We will try our best to lay down the basics of the gate openers, but if you still have any doubts, feel free to call or drop by Aleko’s anytime you feel. We are happy to serve you. Let’s get started on the Types of the Gate openers.

  • Sliding Gate opener

A perfect resort for the compact spaced homes and driveways. Sliding gates run along the fence saving the space if there isn’t much. There are two variables of sliding gate openers: Pinion Sty, and Chain- driven. They both operate by pulling the pinion or chain past the motor operator. Furthermore, they have V-groove wheels for making the sliding possible. 

  • Swing Gate openers 

As the name suggests, Swing gates swing, either inwards or outwards. Mostly inwards. There are three types of swing gate openers.  

  • Actuator 
  • Pad-mounted
  • Underground
  • Overhead gate opener

Overhead gate openers are similar to garage door openers. These are ideal for commercial underground parking garages. 

  • Vertical Lift Gate opener

The dream gate, which literally lifts the gate in the air and then closes it. It doesn’t use any extra space.

Things to consider while choosing an Automatic Gate opener

  1. Space restriction- When you open the gate, the ground required is much more than the area of the gate occupied when it’s standing at a stationary position. Hence, always measure the area with your contractor before ordering the gate.
  2. The angle of opening- All three different swing types open at different angles. For Articulate gate openers, the angle required is between 90 to 110 degrees; for underground gate openers the angle should be 110 degrees at least, and for Pad mounted, it should be 130 degrees.
  3. Appeal- The gate should go with the aesthetics of your house. Always consider the theme you want to express before making the decision. 
  4. Motor and Power Access- The motor used in all types of automatic gate openers are either tracked or cantilevered. The gate weight is the primary key factor in deciding the motor model. Always make sure that the motor is powerful enough to move the gate. 
  5. Cost- The cost entirely depends on the type of gate you choose, materials it is made of, the gate opening the system, design, etc.

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