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Rohan Mathew

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It is hard to think of any 1 item of clothing that’s had quite as vibrant a history since the humble hoodie.

Over the last century, that sportswear staple has gone from playing area into runway, stopping off at each possible urban subculture on the way.

Just like with Elvis, denim jeans, digital music and the other facets of youth culture that originally made grown-ups nervous, everybody has calmed down and said that a collective, “You know what? Perhaps a sweatshirt using a hood to the back is not inherently bad whatsoever.

About time too, since the hoodie is a miracle garment. It is practical, comfortable and fashionable in equal steps. And today, due to trend’s ongoing steamy love affair with street wear, it is also bang on fad. Try Misfits Merch .

“What started as a fad from the 1990s has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon due to its flexibility and comfort”

However, the hoodie has you covered for them all, and even brighter outfits, also.

“Since the hoodie is now a wardrobe staple, large manufacturers are listening to their own marketplace. Men are not scared to splash the money on designer sportswear today, and mixing monitor shirts or joggers with tailoring is now a fad in the past few decades,” says Richardson.

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Purchasing Factors


They do not arrive from slim match, but if you would like to put on a hoodie under a regular-fit denim coat , start looking for one that is relatively form-fitting.


Fleece back or loopback cotton would be the most likely choices you’ll discover in the store and they are perfect since they are comfy, weatherproof and readily washed. Higher-end brands may also experiment with materials such as merino as well as cashmere if you would like to loaf at luxury.


As ever, gray, black and navy would be the no-brainers which will find the maximum wear, but contemplate khaki, off-white or brown tones for other neutrals. If you would like to produce an impression, bold reds and yellows can do the task, even though a mint purple or green provides you a more subtle means to be noticed.

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Smart Hoodies

It appears to be a contradiction in terms but since sportswear and loungewear obtained the high-fashion seal of acceptance, hoodies have gotten suitable for brighter dress codes. We are not speaking dinner at the Ritz, much more like dress-down Friday’s completed in comfort and style. Stick to neutral colors and you will come across a hoodie looks great on trousers or beneath an overcoat.


It might just have been around the scene for ten decades, but COS is among the coolest names on the high street. Together with tightly-curated seasonal selections, including all killer and no filler, COS was instrumental in attracting that fresh,  visit critical role Merch Nordic aesthetic to the regular consumer.

Timeless yet contemporary designs, superior quality and zero viral branding come as standard once you get a hoodie out of here.