Health insurance and hair transplants 

Rohan Mathew

A big problem when it comes to cosmetic procedures is that health insurance companies usually do not cover any of the costs, particularly since such procedures are most often deemed medically not necessary. Government health plans such as the NHS in the United Kingdom, similarly will not cover the price of cosmetic work, and so for a procedure like a hair transplant you have to pay the full amount.

For most people this is a problem, particularly in the United States and in the countries of the UK. Many cosmetic procedures are very expensive, with the result that people often look elsewhere to have the work done; this has led to a booming medical tourism industry.

A hair transplant in the UK can cost £12,000 or more and as much as $15,000 in the United States. This means that the price of a hair transplant is prohibitive for most men, unless they are wealthy or have lots of savings that they can use to pay for it. This is a reason why many men, and women, choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey where the procedure is affordable.

The importance of time when it comes to hair transplants

Besides financial costs, there are other costs involved such as time. Waiting too long to have a hair transplant can take a toll especially if the cause of hair loss is alopecia androgenetica. In time, a man may fall on too high a level of the Norwood scale to qualify. 

The Norwood scale is the scale used to rank the extent of hair loss in men, and the higher the number, the less remaining hair that the man has. Eventually, if left too long the problem becomes one of covering all the bald area. This then requires more than one surgery and the costs increase; it also may not be feasible at that time.

Another factor to consider is that it may be easier and faster to get an appointment and schedule a hair transplant in another country than in a person’s home country. 

Factors impacting the price of a hair transplant

The price will be based partly on which procedure you have; for many people the FUE offers good value for money, and the other benefit is that many physicians are experienced in this procedure. 

The DHI is a newer hair transplant surgery that will cost more; at the current time it is more expensive than the FUE and there are not as many professionals experienced in this method.

A further factor that will influence the total price of your procedure is the number of hair follicles to be extracted and grafted. Often prices are based on how many follicular units or follicles are grafted, which varies depending on the degree of baldness. In addition, to get a full head of hair some men need to have more than one surgery, which obviously increases the costs. This last factor is even more reason why it is best to consider the surgery sooner rather than later.