6 Things to Keep in Mind while Ordering A Custom Diamond Painting: 

Rohan Mathew


Diamond painting is amongst the few crafts that made DIY enthusiasts from all across the globe go crazy. The growth in its popularity has been seen since it was first introduced in 2015. These diamond painting kits are available in a vast range of themes such as flowers, sceneries, animals, and abstracts. Soon, companies started to offer custom diamond painting services, which means that now you can submit the picture of your choice and your supplier will convert it into a diamond painting that you can handcraft all by yourself, how amazing is that? These Diamond Painting Supplies come in a kit that is pretty much similar to the regular kits. It includes a canvas, pen, tray, wax, and diamonds.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before getting your first Custom Diamond Painting Project.

  •  Choose Your Best Picture:

Submitting your photograph for a customized project is one of the most crucial parts of the process. You need to find a picture that is of high quality, large, and captured in good lighting. A common mistake people make is to send out a low-quality picture and when that picture is magnified and morphed into a diamond painting, it appears to be pixelated and blurry. Let me give you an example, each pixel is like a tiny diamond, which joins together to form a complete picture therefore, a picture that has an ample amount of pixels will smoothly convert into a good quality diamond painting. A quick quality check for your picture is to zoom in on it, and if it appears to be blurry then that is not the picture you are looking for.


  •  The Simpler, The Better: 

If you are ordering a custom diamond painting for the first time, choose a simple picture for your project. If you opt for a detailed photograph, you will have to deal with a lot of different colors, numbers, and whatnot. This will make your experience much more complicated, and make you give up. Choosing a simpler graphic would make the process of diamond painting much more fun and hassle-free. Once you are done, you will have a sense of accomplishment within, encouraging you to do more. 

  • Colour, Shading, And Shadowing: 

This particular factor has a lot of effect on your All Diamond Painting. If your chosen picture has a slightly defective color tone or a shadow effect, keep in mind that it will be 100 times more prominent in your diamond painting than that of what is in the original picture. This will most likely bleed into the whites and ruin the whole painting. To avoid that, you can use a free editing software to adjust the colors or eliminate any shadow effect from your original picture, before sending it off to the custom diamond painting company.

  • Choose The Right Canvas Size: 

The ideal size of the canvas is determined by the number of faces included in the picture along with the amount of detail it has. A standard size guide is as follows:

  • Small= 17 x 20 cm: This is the perfect size for a picture that does not include many details, For example, a flower or an animal.
  • Semi-small = 20 x 30 cm: This size is preferred for a slightly larger picture and can handle a bit more detail to it.
  • Medium = 30 x 40 cm: This particular size is best suited for photograph designs but cannot be used for pictures that contain minor details.
  • Semi medium: 40 x 50 cm: This is the most common canvas size as it is perfect for almost all designs.
  • Large = 45 x 60 cm: This canvas size is used for pictures with detailed designs. Family photos work well in such sizes.
  • Extra-large = 60 x 120 cm: This the largest available for custom diamond paintings. Any detailed designs can fit into this size providing you with a wide range of options.
  •  Photo Orientation: 

Choosing the right orientation for your picture is extremely important for your end product to be good. Avoid changing the orientation of your picture from landscape to portrait or vice versa. Otherwise, what happens is that the picture seems to be uneven. Some parts of the photo may even be cut out of the frame, therefore you have to be careful while editing or formatting your picture.

  • Choose The Best Store: 

You need to choose a website that is well-reputed and has good customer service. Some factors to consider while choosing a store, are as follows:

  • Customer Care Service: The website that you choose should have admirable customer service so that you turn out to be fully satisfied. Good customer service will give you help regarding the ideal size of the canvas or the kind of drills you should use etc. 
  • Refund/ Return Policy: Always prefer a store that provides a longer period for a refund or a replacement in case you are not fully satisfied with the product you have received.
  • High-Security System: You should always choose a website that has high-security systems so that your confidential information doesn’t leak out.
  • Fast Delivery:  Even though good things take time, you will be very excited about your first ever custom diamond painting project so that you finish it as soon as you can. So, try to find a store within your country or that guarantees quick shipping.

The Art Of Diamond Painting has already turned into a hobby for many, and with the new custom kits in the market, people now have an increased interest in custom diamond painting. It is just incredible how you can hand-craft pictures that are close to your heart and mean something to you. A custom-made diamond kit can be a great gift for someone who loves DIY. You can also share this experience by working on a diamond painting project together, making memories that you will cherish forever.