Helping Your Team at Work Play Ball

Rohan Mathew

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Working in London can be daunting for everyone and graduates more so. Employees are the life and soul of every company and play the most important role in ensuring the workplace remains efficient and productive. While all employees are important, managers and those in leadership roles have an important role to play in ensuring everyone plays ball. Although sometimes this is not the case if there are issues in the workplace. Here are some ways you could get your team on the right path to ultimate productivity. 

Ask and Check-Up

Communicating with your team is one thing, but effective communication is what changes the workplace dynamic. As the years go on, checking up on employee physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing is becoming paramount. Providing that extra support is a small act that can go a long way in ensuring that all employees are comfortable and in a good head space coming to work each week. Employers must take peoples’ mental health as seriously as physical health – so include mental health risks in your risk assessment. It is an employer’s duty of care to openly chat with their staff about the support and available strategies put in place to help the employee. Giving your team that peace of mind and understanding that they can access support in a trusting environment is a sure way to make the most of your working team. 

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Team Building

An excellent way to maintain your team’s happiness is to try some team building exercises. Team building is a great approach to strengthen workplace relationships and personalise the actual work your employees do day-to-day. Often when we think about team building, we imagine bar crawls, team dinners and get-to-know-your-desk-partner-day; but there are so many possible approaches for you to choose from. Companies that offer team building exercises in London – such as Team Tactics for example – seek to create memorable experiences for workplaces by wholly tailoring the service to the team. By offering this bespoke approach, you can choose what would be the best option for your team and invite creativity, fun and a good challenge into your workplace dynamic. 

Flexible Hours

It is a common conception that happiness in the workplace is rewarded with employee loyalty. What employees tend to look for in a great employer is that can have flexible working hours or days (if possible). Studies have shown that when employees are offered this type of flexibility, they tend to stay with their employer longer as it suits their requirements. Flexible working patterns allow staff to maintain family commitments whilst enjoying their career and even work from home. This can, in turn, help employee mental and physical wellbeing. The positive is two-fold for employers and employees – great retention rates and more control over daily life for staff. 

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Give Thanks and Praise 

Most often, employees go without praise for the extent of work they do day-to-day which can create a sense of apathy between the team in the workplace. Recognising your employee’s achievements is essential for productivity but thanking them with praise is that extra step further in creating excellent rapport between staff members and senior management. Staff are a privilege in the success of the company and making staff aware of how their efforts are appreciated every so often can make them feel more comfortable and happier in their role. Show signs of appreciation and heightened productivity and efficiency will be some of the many outcomes you’ll see. 

Think about how you could boost morale in the workplace and get your teammates to play ball.