Here’s How to Be More Stylish

Rohan Mathew

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Who doesn’t want to dress more fashionably? Being stylish isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just start with some basic but quality pieces to take your wardrobe to the next level. If you find yourself wearing a piece frequently, buy more of it. Pay attention to trends, but don’t feel beholden to them. Learn to elevate a casual look or pull your outfit together using matching patterns and coordinated colors. These tips will have you looking put-together in no time.

Start with High-Quality Basics

Clothes don’t last forever – and anything that you’ve been wearing for about 20 years has definitely gone out of fashion, no matter how expensive or durable it was. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in some high-quality, simple basic pieces that you can build the rest of your wardrobe around. 

How many basic pieces do you need and how much should you spend on them? That depends on how much you can afford. The absolute bare minimum you’ll need is one good quality pair of shoes for daily wear, a quality handbag in a neutral color like gray or camel, and a good coat that matches the handbag. If you want to branch out a bit more than that, you can add in wardrobe staples like ballet flats and sneakers, button-down tops, jeans, and a little black dress.

Buy Duplicates of Things You Wear a Lot

If you find yourself frequently stumped for an outfit idea because your favorite pair of slacks or top is in the wash, that means the item in question is a staple for you and you should buy more of the exact same thing. It’s probably a versatile item that works well with a number of different outfits. And, ultimately, you should think of the pieces in your closet as building blocks that you can put together in any number of ways to create outfits. You need to have enough pairs of jeans or white button down shirts or black sweaters or whatever to build your different looks. 

Have Fun with Trends

You don’t have to be a slave to trends to look fashionable, but paying attention to trends and trying some of them out can be a big part of the fun of dressing well. Peruse fashion magazines regularly to figure out what’s in style, and to get a glimpse of some of the crazier trends that might be the most fun to try out. Otherwise, pay attention to what people are wearing and to what’s on the racks in your favorite stores.

Dress in Monochrome

If you’re someone who struggles to look stylish, a monochrome look always comes across as pulled-together, especially if it’s in a neutral tone like black, beige, white, or gray. To make fashion easy, keep mix-and-matchable basics in neutral colors in your closet – an all-black or all-camel getup is perfect for those days when you don’t even want to think about what to wear. And, at least this year, you can pull off a monochrome look and still have some fun with color. Women’s summer 2022 fashion trends are seeing a lot of monochrome looks in bright colors like hot pink, highlighter yellow, and kelly green, among other things. 

Play with Color

A monochrome ensemble can be the perfect canvas to show off a colorful scarf, a bright handbag, or some impressive statement jewelry from cheap jewelers in Dayton Oh. But don’t be afraid to play with colorful clothes, too. Put together an outfit based around two or three colors – for example, a neutral color and a bright color – to color-coordinate. A mint and off-white outfit will look pulled together automatically because of the color coordination. You can choose colors that go well together, or you can choose colors that clash – there are really no rules about what colors go well together, and in recent years even pattern mixing has been in vogue. The absolute bare minimum you’ll need is one good quality pair of shoes for daily wear, a quality authentic Gucci handbag in a neutral color like gray or camel,

Wear Matching Sets

Co-ords are having a moment just now, and it’s hard to not look put-together when you’re wearing a matching set. Whether it’s a pantsuit, leisure suit, sweater set, knit set, or skirt suit, any matching set automatically looks more stylish. Even a tracksuit can look chic when dressed up with the right accessories. 

Becoming more fashionable isn’t some mysterious, occult process. It’s mostly just a matter of buying nice pieces and maybe, occasionally, taking a step outside of your comfort zone to try something new and trendy. Whatever you wear, though, the main thing is to wear it with confidence.