High Bay LED Lights for Large Indoor Spaces

Rohan Mathew

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High bay LED lights are more commonly used in large indoor spaces due to increasing need of appropriate lighting. The large indoor spaces like schools, universities, gymnasiums, manufacturing industries, warehouses, large departmental stores and indoor sports areas require proper facilities for adequate illumination in order to allow the people work attentively.

High bay LED lights typically hang from the ceiling via chains or hooks or are fixed to the ceiling. These lights provide instant and flicker free lighting in just 0.50 seconds.

More and more facility managers are opting to switch to high bay LED lighting from conventional metal halide (MH), fluorescent and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. This is because the more advanced technology of LED has brought enormous benefits for the users.

To take an example, MH, HPS and fluorescent lights are not only less energy efficient but also have a high maintenance cost. Furthermore, these conventional lights come with little to no warranty.

On the other hand, high bay LED lights are more energy efficient, have less maintenance costs and come with warranty of 3 to 5 years. This make them cost effective solution to lighting issues.

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Types of High Bay LED Lights

If you are looking for high bay LED lights of high quality, this article helps you choose the right ones for your indoor spaces.

High bay LED lights come in UFO and linear fixtures. The choice of lighting largely depends on your lighting area.

UFO High Bay LED Lights

UFO high bay LED light has a circular light panel with a driver on top. The UFO high bay LED lights have:

ü  Aesthetically Attractive Model Design

ü  Easy Installation Process

ü  Focused and Controllable Angle of Beam

Linear High Bay LED lights

Linear high bay LED lights have rectangular shape making them more appropriate for rectangular spaces like hallways. In addition to it, linear high bay lights are definitely the better choices for large indoor spaces like warehouses, factories, indoor sports fields and gymnasiums etc. as compared to UFO high bay lights. The linear high bay LED lights have:

ü  Stylish Design Perfect for Large Spaces with High Ceilings

ü  Rectangular and Wider Beam Angle

ü  Easy Installation Procedure

Features and Benefits of High Bay LED Lights

Following are the features and benefits of high bay LED lights.

Water Resistant Technology

High bay LED lights come with more advanced technology. They are water resistant which makes them ideal for industrial and commercial lighting.

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Less Maintenance Costs

These high bay LED lights have less maintenance costs due to durability and reliability. This features makes them the best solution to lighting issues.

3 to 5 Years of Warranty

Another feature and benefit of high bay LED lights is that they have 3 to five years of warranty. You can exchange old high bay LED lights for the brand new ones if they malfunction within 3 to 5 years of purchase.

Two Light Colors Available

High bay LED lights come with two light colors. One is daylight color and the other one is neutral color. You can choose the light color according to your needs and requirements.

50% Reduction in Electricity Bill

High bay LED lights are largely used for big spaces. Despite of usage of large high bay LED lights, there is around 50% reduction in electricity bill. This is because they are energy-efficient, hence waste less energy as compared to other conventional lights available in market.