Hiring the Right Car Accident Lawyers

Rohan Mathew

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Do you drive in Los Angeles but are worried you may one day find yourself in a tricky car accident? Car accidents are fairly common in urban areas. However, the onus may not always be on you. If you believe that it is the other driver’s fault, hold them accountable. Hiring attorneys like Fisher & Talwar will provide you with the right legal advice and represent you in a court of law. 

What it Will Cost You

Law firms like the one aforementioned do not charge an upfront fee but when the case is won they will be paid from the client for their services. 

Why You Should Hire Car Accident Attorneys

It’s happening – a driver hits you on the road but is now blaming you for the accident. Car accident attorneys have sound knowledge of tort law. This stops insurance agencies from exploiting you. They have also won countless cases in the past and can ensure you are compensated adequately. 

Acting fast is also key to winning cases. The more you delay going to court, the less vital your case presents itself as. Insurance agencies always try to find loopholes to minimize your chances of winning or being reimbursed. Don’t let this discourage you from seeking legal advice. Hiring the right lawyers will ensure that insurance companies stay at an arm’s length. 

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When to Hire an Attorney 

As per an estimate, 300,000 people get injured in car accidents every year in California alone. Seek the counsel of a lawyer if you believe the accident was caused by the other person under the following circumstances:

  • Speeding
  • Faulty auto-parts
  • Deplorable state of roads
  • Drunk driving
  • Using a phone will driving
  • Eating while driving

Rear-end collisions are the most common. Speeding and lack of focus can be blamed for the driver’s inability to stop in time. These can also result in chronic injuries, including whiplash, spinal cord injuries, concussions, and neck fractures. 

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How Your Compensation is Determined

Without knowing the details of a case, it is hard to determine how much money you should expect to receive out of the case. Nevertheless, a few factors can help in determining the value. While it can be an excruciating process, your lawyers will do their best to get the best outcome for you.

The severity of your injuries plays an important part in shaping the case. A person who has unfortunately sustained brain damage or lost a limb will receive more money. The more severe the injury, the more your medical bill will cost, which entitles you to more compensation. 

Furthermore, if an individual lost a loved one in an accident, the surviving family members can take the case to court. It can be emotionally draining but justice must be served.

If you suspect you were hit by a drunk or negligent driver, contact a law firm today as you may be entitled to compensation. While it won’t undo the damage – physical or emotional – you may have suffered, winning a case sends across a strong message to the culprit.