First-Time Homeowners Tips: Tackling Seasonal Pest Control

Rohan Mathew

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Buying a new home is very exciting. It comes with new responsibilities and tasks. Home security is a priority for many homeowners. Keeping your home safe from strangers means more than installing alarms; it means going the extra mile to keep your home is free from pests.

Pests may make your own home their own, and you should find a way of combating them. Pests are just like other living creatures; they need water and food to survive. Pests can enter your home through minute openings that can’t be easily noticed.

At the denouement of this article, you will have acquainted yourself with some useful pest control tips. Without any further ado, let’s get sailing. Don’t be left out. 

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Causes of pests at home

You must first know what causes pests to invade your home before you get to know how to control them. You may contact a professional pest control company to aid in controlling pests at your home.

Dripping water and food particles

This is a significant cause of pests invasion in your home. Food particles that are left on various services may attract pests. Pests have a unique way of sensing areas with food or even water. If they happen to find food particles in your home, they will be there to stay. 

Small food particles on the floor are the primary cause of pests invasion in your home. Dripping water is another cause of pests invasion in your home. Make sure your taps aren’t dripping. Once you get rid of food particles and dripping water, be sure pests won’t invade.

Holes and cracks

This is yet another cause of pests invasion in your home. Holes and cracks serve as entry points for pests. If your house is located near a bush, make sure you clear the bush since it may also attract pests in your home. New homeowners should ensure there are no cracks or holes on their house walls. 


Pests love dark areas. If your house doesn’t have proper lighting, then be sure pests may invade your home. Make sure your house has enough lighting to keep pests away.

Unnecessary clutter

As a first time homeowner, you may have heaps of clothing and even furniture. Unnecessary clutter is a possible cause of pests in your home. If your house has free space, then pests will find nowhere to hide.

Tips for pest control

Well, there are several tips which can eliminate pests in your house. First and foremost, you should eliminate garden and yard debris. This is because this debris may serve as pest hiding places or homes. You should eliminate leaves from your compound and keep your garage and other outbuildings clutter-free.

You should seal all opening and cracks that are in your house. Pay special attention to cracks in the siding joints and those in the foundation. Openings around phone lines, cables, water, and gas pipes should also be sealed to avoid pests from entering your house.

You should cover ventilation openings with wire mesh to eliminate pests from entering your house. Pests tend to take advantage of small openings, such as ventilation. You should also eliminate stagnating water from your compound since pests love living in humid conditions. 

Ensuring your house is clean always will go a long way in ensuring your house is free from pests. Pests don’t like staying in a clean environment. 

In case you see pests in your house, you can always buy pesticides and spray the areas infested with the pests. If the pesticides don’t work, you should contact a professional company such as Excel Pest Services, and they will take you through the best measures to control pests.

Pests are dangerous since they can even lead to diseases. 

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Pests are not good creatures since they tend to invade your house, and they may bring diseases. It is always advisable to keep your house clean to avoid the pests. Clearing bushes around your compound will play a vital role in ensuring your home is pest-free.

Consider sealing cracks and holes on the wall or in any part of the house since pests may take advantage. You may seek the advice of a professional pests control company.