HONOR band 5, Care for Your Health

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

HUAWEI’s smart wear products have never disappointed people. This time HONOR band 5 is even more surprising. A band supports blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep monitoring and other functions. A small band can monitor all aspects and protect health.

Many people do not know much about blood oxygen saturation. In many high altitude sports or extreme sports, low blood oxygen saturation may endanger the life safety. In daily life, low blood oxygen can easily cause palpitation, lethargy, fatigue and other symptoms. 

HONOR band 5 can help you see your blood oxygen data. It can be monitored in real time. You can adjust your physical condition and make exercise adjustments.

The data of blood oxygen saturation is important. People are easy to ignore it. Mental workers and elderly people should consider it. People with hypoxia in high mountain and plateau environment should pay attention to it. Snoring people should consider it. They must pay close attention to their blood oxygen saturation data at any time. HONOR band 5 makes it easy for users to monitor their own data. 

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TruSeen3.5 heart rate monitoring technology is developed by Huawei. It has passed the skillful tests of sports institutions. Its accuracy is guaranteed, which can support 24-hour continuous heart rate measurement. 

This band can identify 6 types of sleep problems. It has built-in HUAWEI TruSleep2.0 sleep detection technology. This technology is accurate in detecting sleep problems and will provide at least 200 suggestions to improve sleep quality. This function is humanized and considerate.

Many users don’t like to see light when sleeping at night. This band can be converted into non-visible light at night. It will not disturb sleep and has a feeling of intelligent stealth. 

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For recording sports, this band can support 50 meters of waterproof. It has six-axis sensors to track all-round sports data. It can identify swimming styles, which is suitable for people who love sports. 

In the aspect of message reminding, the linkage between HONOR band 5 and mobile phone is more intelligent. Incoming call strange number identification, scene intelligent reminding, and unread messages can be viewed at any time. If you can’t find your mobile phone, you can find it through your band. You can control smart home devices at any time to make your life more convenient. 

This band has three color watchbands. It is excellent in appearance and it is dynamic to wear. The humanized detail design makes people like it.