Alternatives To Teaching – Other Rewarding Jobs in Education

Rohan Mathew

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If you love to teach but don’t want to necessarily go down the traditional teaching route, there are plenty of alternatives to check out. Educators come in all forms, and it is often dubbed of the most rewarding careers to have.

So if this has got you intrigued, check out some of the top jobs in education to enjoy a rewarding and long career in this field.

Teach online

The world is a very different place at the moment, and learning online has flourished ten-fold in recent months. The beauty of online learning is that you can do it anywhere. So if your vocation is to teach, then this method of delivery could be the perfect option. The number of positions required at schools and universities for online educators is rising, so there is scope to work in this setting. However, if you want to work in a different medium such as tutoring or mentoring online, this is also an available option.

While it is not a requirement to have qualifications for some types of tutoring, it could be beneficial to obtain an online masters degree in education to improve your CV and knowledge. This type of course will help you manage and implement lessons effectively and provide the foundations for teaching successfully.

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Create teaching resources

If you have tons of ideas and creative talent, then you could put this to use by creating resources for the educational sector. Every type of learning setting uses resources and as curriculums change, updates are required to fit the new requirements. There are options to go freelance with this type of career or work with agencies that have relationships in the sector. It can be a rewarding and varied job as different types of schools have different needs. Depending on your expertise, you could also be working on illustrations for young children or more complex graphical data for degree level resources.

Teach your passion

You don’t have to teach the typical classroom lessons in order to work in education; you could teach what you love and know. This includes everything from hobbies you’re passionate about, such as art, music and crafts to physical exercise classes or cooking. The world is really your oyster in this setting, and if you have passion and talent in any type of activity, you could potentially turn it into a teaching or mentoring role.

Become a nanny

Many people that teach could take this vocation on a more personal level and become a nanny. While this job also entails other responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking and looking after the home of your employer, there is also the opportunity to help kids with their homework and provide tutoring sessions. The role of a nanny can differ from family to family and there is also scope to assist in circumstances where extra help is needed for vulnerable and disabled individuals.

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Teach adult courses

People learn new things at any age, so there is always a call for teachers who can adapt to delivering adult education. This type of teaching is ideal for anyone that wants to help people within a specific niche such as industry qualifications. In some cases, you don’t need a professional qualification to teach adult courses. However, teaching experience and other minimum qualifications may be required.

Facilitate training courses

Training courses are used in many settings, including education and commercial environments. This type of teaching is generally focused on a specific area such as health and safety training, professional development, IT courses, plus many more. Many trainers work on a consulting basis or with an agency, and you’ll usually require specific qualifications and experience to train others in the field. For more advanced courses, a master’s or PhD may also be needed.

Become a museum or tour guide

Another element of education comes in the form of providing information and guidance on tours. Teachers are a natural option for this type of career, as they possess the skills to manage large groups of people and project information to participants in an understandable manner. These positions are typically sought-after in museums, heritage sites, exhibitions and art galleries.

After school and holiday camps

Extracurricular activities are a popular choice for many children and range in age from young kids to teenagers. This role involves providing activities and experiences for different age groups outside of regular school times. Typical after school clubs include sports and arts activities. However, there are many different types of niches you could explore. Some teachers choose to participate in these classes after the school day is over, but there is the option for non-teaching staff to get involved too. Holiday clubs are another way to bring teaching skills into play. These camps provide people of all ages with the skills and knowledge of a range of activities including cooking, cleaning, orienteering, sports and team working.

Work in Human Resources

Thinking slightly outside of the box brings us to careers in human resources. Positions in this sector naturally lend themselves to working with others and provide support to a range of different people with private and public organisations. Individuals that work in human resources take on a number of roles, including providing relevant guidance and advice on best practice within the work environment. Some positions also require individuals to provide training for staff members in a range of areas including health and safety, risk assessments, data protection and personal security processes. The careers available in human resources vary, but it can help to have a professional qualification or degree to work in this sector.

There are so many different types of jobs within the education sector. Some are more obvious than others, but each has its own merits and benefits. Helping others and providing assistance to improve the skills and success of individuals is an extremely rewarding career choice. Plus, teaching and the different avenues of this sector can provide a stable and satisfying career for years to come.