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Houston's Premier Pediatric Therapy

Houston’s premier pediatric therapy At Wishing Well Pediatric Therapy Center, we provide a specialized outpatient rehabilitation service for children with special needs to reach their maximum potential. Our team of speech and occupational therapists offer holistic, multidisciplinary, family-focused rehabilitation programs for infants and children with speech delays, physical disabilities and special communication needs.

Wishing Well Pediatric Therapy Center Overview

Our team of speech and occupational therapists are dedicated to helping children with developmental delays, physical disabilities and special needs reach their full potential. Our team uses a holistic approach to rehabilitation that incorporates our patients’ strengths and resources.

We offer speech therapy services in both our inpatient and outpatient settings. Our inpatient therapy program is designed to provide individualized therapy for children who cannot receive group therapy at home due to the space limitations of their family’s home.

Our outpatient therapy program is designed for children who need more frequent or longer-term outpatient therapy outside of the home environment.

Our inpatient program provides short-term, intensive rehabilitation sessions that allow our patients to get a high quality of life while also reaching their full potential. The sessions are designed to treat specific medical conditions with the goal of restoring function, independence and improved quality of life for each patient.

In addition, we have an outpatient clinic that provides services for patients with physical disabilities. All of our services are provided by highly qualified occupational therapists who are certified by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

Our Experience and Approach

At Wishing Well pediatric therapy in Houston Center our goal is to provide a holistic, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for young children with special needs. We have a unique relationship with the Houston Health System and the Community Support Center (CSC) which allows us to work with numerous providers on one team with each child. Not only do we provide an excellent rehabilitation program, we also offer a wide array of educational and therapy programs that help families manage their child’s special needs.

Our Team

We are a team of pediatric therapists and speech-language pathologists working with children between the ages of 2-18 who have special needs. We have a wide range of experience in therapy, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology, and music therapy. We treat many physical and cognitive challenges that can be found in infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

One of the most challenging aspects of our work is providing specialized therapies to each child at their level. Oftentimes our ability to meet the needs of these children will be contingent upon how well we adapt to their specific needs. In other words, we need to be flexible and able to adapt our methods in order to meet each child’s unique needs.

Our Services

The following was adapted from an email I received from a child who has a developmental disability.

I am writing to you to share my story of recovery. For us, recovery is not a journey. It is a process.

To begin with, there are four things that make healing our family a success:

  • We have great faith in ourselves and our family healing. Our entire family believes we are all going to be fine despite the challenges that come with developmental disabilities and every challenge that life throws at us. We are very confident we will succeed in life because of the strength and determination of our family as well as the love we have for each other and our children.
  • We believe God gives us everything we need to live successfully through the trials and difficulties of life, no matter what those trials and difficulties may be, including the challenges that come along with autism and other developmental disabilities, such as speech problems or sensory deficits or autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).
  • We know that being disabled or having these conditions does not define who we are or limit our potential; on the contrary, living with these conditions shows us how much we have to offer! We hope this testimony inspires readers with similar experiences to consider pursuing their dreams, even if it means overcoming obstacles along the way. Let’s face it: despite all of our challenges, there is still so much more to live for!


The title of this post is not just a beautiful way to end a long month. It also sums up the message that we have been trying to convey for the last few years.

We provide pediatric therapy for children with special needs, and our approach is holistic, multidisciplinary, family-focused.

In this post we will cover some basic information about us and some of the services we provide. We’ll also talk about how we get into the field and what it takes to succeed in it.

Before you go any further you should know that these are all volunteer services and there is absolutely no profit involved in our operations. In fact, if anything, we are under an obligation to give our service away free of charge to as many people as possible — it’s what keeps us going — so please consider supporting us by buying something from our online store or making a donation at one of our events!


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