How and Where to Place an Over-the-Air TV Antenna Outside

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Long before streaming video services and cable television, people watched TV with an antenna. Television antennas are still around, and in many cases, watching over-the-air television using an antenna is a better solution than satellite or streaming.

In this article, we’ll look at why antenna-based television might be the right choice for you, and how you can install an antenna for your TV.

How Do Television Antennas Work?

Since television broadcasters switched from analog broadcasts to digital, the quality of over-the-air television has improved tremendously. Digital television signals are packets of compressed data sent through the air at very high speeds. When using an antenna service, you can receive high definition video and audio free of charge.

Where Do I Place My Antenna?

Some antennas are small and can be placed indoors near your television. If you live far from the nearest television transmission tower, you may need to install your antenna outdoors.

Here are some things to consider when selecting the best antenna placement for your home.

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The Higher, the Better

Whether your antenna is inside or outside your home, place it as high as possible. TV signals travel high in the air, so the higher your antenna, the stronger the signal you will receive. Mounting your outdoor antenna on your roof is the best option, but some people have success installing an antenna inside their attic.

Face the Right Direction

Over-the-air television signals are broadcast in a straight line from a local broadcast tower. Use an online tool to find the direction of your nearest television tower. Point your antenna toward that direction.

You can also use a flat panel or omnidirectional antenna that doesn’t require you to point it in a specific direction. These antennas work pretty well, but you may still need to make slight adjustments to receive individual channels.

Bring the Signal to Your TV

Installing a small indoor antenna and connecting it directly to a single television is an easy task. But what if the antenna is many meters away from the television? You can run coax cable along the outside of your house or through walls, but the longer the cable, the weaker the signal will be.

Signal boosters can be added at various points along the cable to increase the signal. If your house is already wired for cable or satellite television, you can connect your antenna to the existing coaxial cabling inside your home.

Installing an Over-The-Air Antenna for Free TV

If you have a modern television manufactured after 2009, you have the right equipment to receive over-the-air HD TV with an antenna. Make sure to select the right size and type for your area to receive as many channels as possible.

Working with a TV antenna installation expert will ensure you have the right type of antenna installed the correct way. Some people can view dozens of channels without the high costs of cable or internet streaming services.

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A Better Viewing Experience Awaits

Free, high-quality, over-the-air television is a great way to enjoy entertainment hours without the high cost of subscription television services. You can purchase digital video recorders (DVR) that work with antennas, too. These DVRs provide you with an on-screen viewing guide and let you record your favorite shows.

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