How could you achieve financial freedom with Bitcoin?

Berry Mathew

How could you achieve financial freedom with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin brings hope and expectations among people. Despite this, the dream of financial freedom can be accomplished by calculating investments among crypto users in the crypto market and various cryptocurrencies. But how does it possible? Bitcoin currency is 12 years old. And from that time, there are plenty of reasons why investors get started towards it, as Bitcoin has a possibility for economic sufferings over the fiat currency system to reach the unbanked portfolios. Although people are in high demand to see Bitcoin as a gateway to financial freedom during such fiat currency inflation and other unnecessary uncertainties. Bitcoin mining is a common way for people to benefit from the crypto industry, which is why you should learn about the top trends shaping Bitcoin mining.

Expectations of financial freedom with Bitcoin

As the role of traditional banking is to serve like a centralized government and also dictate access to financial assets. Recent examples of the Ukraine and Russia wars can be taken as a study of how cryptocurrency gives an advantage to the missing and unbanked permissions to its funds for their basic needs. The inventor of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto seeks power back to the people of the crypto world. By he has assured that the use of Bitcoin is not prohibited due to uncertain circumstances such as regulations, sanctions, or bans of using crypto, etc. 

The way by which people can active targets with Bitcoin 


Although they are highly volatile, the turmoil of an investor resulted in an instant loss for the users. Although some of them do not understand it, unlike other cryptos, Bitcoin is a sustainable long-run currency hence Bitcoin lovers recommend its assets to hold on during the bull market and purchase of plunges during bear markets. Holding cryptocurrency is somehow complicated for investors due to their fear of losing due to uncertain market conditions and doubts regarding cryptocurrency use and its future impacts as well. 

Dollar-cost averaging

As it is clear that bitcoin is a long-term investment plan. Therefore, many of the investors are ready to implement the dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategy which means that the exact amount of dollars will further be invested in Bitcoin on a day ahead or weekly/monthly basis as well. Whereas Bitcoin was the first choice of Salvador initially too to adopt as a legal tender so that the fund can be used for social works such as building hospitals for the rich and poor as well, as other social media aspects. As the publicity of Bitcoin was on speaking 2022 when the hon’ble president of Salvadoran followed a technique similar to DCA according to which the country is bound to purchase one Bitcoin every day. 

Since the announcement made by Nayib Bukele, the purchasing plan of 1BTC every day, the price of bitcoin hiked over 40% giving so much relief to Salvadorans. Chance the investors hope more to see the financial independence will pursue with the same technique as per the public reactions and the sentiments. 

Self-custody concept 

When we talk about the long-term plan of Bitcoin, this means that no third-party interference will be included in the private keys of the assets. Moreover, those investors who take a charge over Bitcoin amount to store it on the crypto exchange by mistake provided all control of their assets. 


Until the FTX took place, self-custody has become an important factor for crypto users. Investors who have faced loss due to alleged misappropriation have now realized the importance of self-custody over cryptocurrency. Moreover, the safety of private keys in your wallets to maintain the self-custodial wallets has become paramount for those persons who seek financial freedom in a wise sense. 

At last, it is quite possible to achieve financial independence with the use of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. As crypto is still a necessity of the ecosystem, investors always prefer to choose bitcoin for long-term investment too to avail of its benefits while taking the yield of short-term gains in this procedure.