How custom embroidered patches can help spread the word for your brand

Albert Howard

How custom embroidered patches can help spread the word for your brand

Spreading the word for your business is vital for reaching your audience and making money. Setting up your shop and sitting back is not enough to survive. You need to engage with your community. There are various ways to do this virtually and physically. One of those ways is using custom embroidered patches. You might dismiss the idea at once. Please hold on; the blog will provide you with ideas for spreading the word without spending much. 

1. Custom patches for content: Social media is a free visual platform to connect with your audience and find new customers. What is more visual than custom patches on merch? You are likely already doing it if you are an innovative entrepreneur or marketer. Yet, there are plenty of opportunities for those who aren’t using custom patches in their marketing. 

It is never a bad idea to experiment and explore new methods; especially on social media. You will find similar users interested in your custom patches and thus your business. 

But, the purpose shouldn’t be only to promote your business. People are intelligent, and they are likely to find out fast. It would benefit to use the custom patches to connect with your audience. These need to reflect at least one of your passions; you can turn the passion into sharable content and patches using a little creativity. 

2. Making it personal: you don’t want to create custom embroidered patches only for promotional purposes. Every business has its unique identity, and you need to integrate it into the patches. Use the colors, design, logo, message, etc. to make it an extension of your brand image. Get your friends, family and co-workers involved; have them wear the patches on various merch. It will help with the promotions. Tell people how to use the patches on different items like jackets, shirts, backpacks, hats, etc. You can also use dedicated giveaways to generate hype and increase customer count. But, keep it minimal; giving away too much can prove counterproductive. 

3. Using for conventions: It can be pretty daunting to set up a table at conventions and shows. But it also provides an enormous opportunity to promote the business to a large audience. You will meet many people you would have never imagined finding. 

Another advantage of custom embroidered patches is their versatility and ease of production. Depending on the type of convention, there will be different demographics. It is easy to customize them accordingly. You can make slight changes to the designs reflecting the theme. E.g., For a springtime event, you can add bees or flowers, and if it’s a comic book convention, you can use popular characters. 

People love being special, and you can achieve the same with premium or special edition patches. It will also give your table and merch a distinct look that attendees can see far across the room. You need to ensure they are in plain view for everyone to see. 

  1. Go Live: Going Live on social media with your custom patches on merch is one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness. It works on the principle of FOMO, i.e., fear of missing out. You can put the patches on various merch and appear in Live sessions. Another advantage is to connect with people deeply; you can ask them how to make the design better and talk about your other products and services. E.g., if you are in the gaming industry, it would be best to use custom patches on t-shirts and go Live on Twitch. It is direct and free advertising, and having a robust relationship with your users is essential. If there is a bond between you and your customers, it’s easy to sell products/ services. 
  2. Finding your audience: Custom patches help to find prospects in every niche. Creating related patches for a wider audience will help generate valuable follow-ups for your business. They are wonderful for creating a community and reaching like-minded people sharing a common interest in your business. When someone wears the patches, it generates fascination among acquaintances. 
  3. Be local: Many people get it in their heads that they have to promote on a large scale. But, before diving in deep, you need to use the custom patches to promote your business on a more local level. Using them, you will connect with customers and fellow business owners, opening doors to new opportunities. It includes using the patches at the local events for promotions. You can also sponsor events and distribute the patches with your business logo. Please check out the events in your area and try to make connections that will help set your business up for success. 
  4. Amplify your presence: you need to amplify your business presence using the custom patches on every merch available. These patches might not be enough on their own; however, using them on other merch compounds their effect. Receivers can use them anywhere, including at work, home, etc. If someone likes a business, then they promote it. It is an excellent way to make deep, meaningful relationships. Your custom patches will amplify the connection with your customers beyond any means. 
  5. Use seasonal trends: Incorporating seasonal trends when designing custom patches is helpful for brand awareness. E.g., if you want to grow awareness about your dog nonprofit and raise some money to help build shelters–dog day is the 26th of August–you can create the patches with dogs. You must leverage them by using them in promotional activities. It will generate interest because of exclusivity. You can also add relevant text-message to the patches. 


Custom embroidered patches will take your marketing to the next level. You need to develop a strategy beforehand, as it is challenging to find a suitable manufacturer during busy seasons. But, don’t be stressed out. EverLighten has over eighteen years of experience manufacturing custom patches for various organizations, nonprofits, sports teams, celebrities, etc. 

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