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In this article, we learn about how do digital marketing

How to digital marketing After the spread of the Internet, many terms appeared, including the well-known and the unknown.

Including the term digital marketing, which depends on marketing products or services in detail on the Internet, through our website, we will show you an article entitled “What is digital marketing”.

If you do not know much about digital marketing, please follow us until the end of this article to learn more about the definition, usage, information about elements, etc.

What is digital marketing?

This term includes all marketing methods and channels that improve the quality of products or services over the Internet, and this includes electronic devices such as televisions, cell phones, and electronic boards.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Through an informative article about digital marketing, we made it clear to you that a digital marketing strategy is a plan that explains how to use digital channels to achieve the goals of a company or organization. When creating a design for a digital marketing strategy, you need to think about the source (employees, money, time) and future expected results to determine the type Which channel to use.

Through informational articles on digital marketing, we will explain to you some common mistakes that some digital marketing managers or business owners make, that is, if they try to implement all operations immediately, the end result will be zero, because they did not conduct marketing activities, and they need sufficient numbers of experience.

An example of a digital marketing strategy, although each marketing strategy is unique because it is based on the needs and goals of the limited company, you can find an example below to help you understand how all marketing channels work to achieve a common goal.

About Digital Marketing

Moreover, all previous steps should be included in your digital marketing strategy, if you are the owner of a low-income business.

It is natural that you will not be able to fully implement your digital marketing strategy, so you must start with website preparation, SEO, and content marketing to take the three most important steps.

Once you have been able to install the site for several months, you will notice an increase in your site traffic and revenue, after which you can gradually add the remaining tools.

Digital Marketing Tools

We’ll follow along with you through articles on digital marketing, which is an integral part of the ideal digital marketing team, and it is precisely the digital marketing tools, which include:

  • A marketing manager is someone with multiple skills and experience in search engines, marketing content, communication platforms, advertising, pay-as-you-go, SEO optimization, and has experience in using search engines and ineffective use of channels.
  • The content marketing manager responsible for developing and implementing the marketing plan decides what type of content to create and which channels to use.
  • The Communications Platform Manager is responsible for promoting the development of the company through the communication platform and working closely with the Content Marketing Manager to promote the right content to the right users at the right time.
  • The search engine manager is the person who decides which search engines are right for the right marketing methods and channels.
  • Ad managers are the people primarily responsible for organizing paid activities on various platforms, Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads, and Instagram and they can get Facebook and Google ads credentials which is another way to prove their qualifications.
  • Email Marketing Manager: He is responsible for ensuring that messages are sent to the appropriate list on the channel being used so that subscribers can be moved from the cognitive stage to actions such as clicking to buy a product or clicking the support button and inquiring about specific features in the product.
  • In short, the summary of our article on digital marketing is that digital marketing or e-marketing is related to internet marketing and all other electronic devices.

What is the marketing mix?

The marketing mix is ​​a set of interrelated marketing activities designed to achieve marketing functions, marketing mix.

The concept of the marketing mix is ​​one of the most basic concepts and it depends on the basic principle of formulating this mix.

The first person to establish the concept of the marketing mix was James Colton, and in 1948 he proposed some adjustments to marketing decisions, then in 1953, the head of the Marketers Syndicate, Neil Burden of the United States, suggested the name of the marketing mix, and in 1960 he introduced some special elements to become a marketing mix.

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Elements of the marketing mix of goods and services

The marketing mix of goods and services includes a series of elements, including:

  • Location: The site is the place where the services or goods provided are sold, and the site must be suitable for him to meet with sales representatives or distributors, it is better to change the location from time to time to attract more diverse consumers and increase the percentage of sales, and it is the best sites to help sell quickly trade fairs Clubs, wholesalers, retailers, etc.
  • Individuals: The person who interacts with a service or commodity provided, including employees and workers in companies and various other human groups, when presenting a product to the consumer, must first present the importance of the product and what it uses to help provide the largest amount of products or services to more than one group of consumers. one.
  • Physical evidence: It is the environment in which services are provided. Physical evidence helps in achieving interaction between customers and goods or services. Physical evidence includes reports, brochures, business cards, communication services, etc.
  • Process flow: It is the actual process, including the flow of activities to provide services and goods and the actual steps that are carried out by providing them with a chain of goods and services.