How Do I Choose The Right Hair Salon?

Rohan Mathew

Picking the right hair salon involves a lot of trial and error, just like picking the right life partner. The relationship needs to be built on the expertise and skill set of the employees and the general reputation of the hair salon. The way your hair is managed over the next few months in colour, texture and style depends on trust and open communication towards getting the right hair salon for your hair care and treatment. 

Below are some guidelines to help you choose the best hair salon for your needs:

  • Socialize

This can range from doing this in social gatherings or social media where you can find almost anything nowadays. Looking through celebrities, models or just any fabulous women whose looks you might love can give you guidelines on picking the right society salon. Their social accounts may have mentioned or tagged the salon and this can help narrow down your picks.  Checking out their social accounts can help you get a general overview of their expertise and aesthetics. If you are more old fashioned, you can easily spot someone and compliment their hair. This can get you a direct referral to the society salon. There is nothing better than seeing the real thing.

  • Filter it out

Sometimes you will need to block out the noise which can be hard and overwhelming when picking a hair salon. This is because there are so many people in the industry that claim to be the best in the business. The easy way to filter out is knowing what you want, whether it is a killer shade or a celebrity worthy hairdo. This will lead you to research the places that get the hype, read the reviews and get your pick. You can pick different salons for your different needs depending on the look you are seeking to get. Getting someone easy to talk to is a plus because you will be explaining your taste.

  • Localize

As in any relationship, long-distance ones do not last, unless with a lot of effort and commitment on both ends. The realistic situation is to find a hair salon that can be a trek away or an hour further, especially if you want to squeeze in those weekday appointments. This is convenient and will save you a lot of time and money. This will also prevent you from slacking on your touch-ups and appointments, which in turn also prevents you from cheating on your hair salon of choice.

  • Keep your budget in mind 

Your hair is one big investment because you wear it every day of your life. With this in mind, you need to keep your budget within your means. Going to that expensive salon or that killer trendy look and putting a dent on your bills isn’t realistic at all. Keeping it reasonable will ensure you have more good hair days and still live within your means. 

  • Physical appearance

Chic, stylish and elegance is always good but it is equally important to find a hair salon that is clean, tidy, busy but not hectic to a point where you have to wait too long to get service and has a clientele that fit your needs. If these fit your requirements you may be on the right track to finding the right salon. Customer service is as important as reputation and elegance.

  • Services 

Whatever you are looking to have done, whether it is a trim, new colour, radical haircut, extensions, a massage or manicure and pedicure, you should consider looking for a salon that offers several services as some offer only a few specialised services.

  • Staff

Professional, friendly, courteous staff members that are certified and trained makes all the difference when choosing a hair salon. Knowledgeable, warm and good communicating staff will get you what you need when explaining your preferences. 

  • Consultation

Going through different hair salons and going through their portfolio can help in picking the right one for you. This can also show you their reputable services, prices, hair stylists and generally help you set an appointment that is flexible for you.

  • Visit the salon’s website to get a feel of what they offer

You may have found the salon you are looking for depending on the kind of hairstyle you want. Getting a look at their website to see images and price list will give you an idea of the perfect salon for you. The website can also show various services that they offer and this can help narrow down your pick.