How Do Private Investigators Catch Cheaters?

Rohan Mathew


A private investigator is an individual who works to collect and analyze information on behalf of clients. For example, if someone believes that their significant other is cheating, they can hire a private investigator to gather the relevant information. Private investigators often work cases within their local area and rely on networking channels to find whatever information they need. Though private investigators work in many different places, they are hired when someone suspects their partner is cheating. A cheating spouse is a tricky case for investigators because they can’t catch the person in the act without developing evidence themselves. Usually, the first step of a cheating investigation is to get a detailed list of all suspicious behaviors from your spouse. Then, you’ll have to follow up on all of his or her suspicious activities to determine if he or she was cheating. You might need a cheating investigator to get you through this. 

However, many people seek to find out how private investigators catch cheaters, but the answer is not as simple as you might expect. No one method will work for everyone — the joy of detective work comes in trial and error. Everyone has a different way of doing things, which makes it so fun to try. For example, some private investigation agencies use high-tech gadgets that can detect signals from a cheating spouse’s cell phone (and these devices are getting better and better with each passing day). In contrast, others conduct surveillance on the suspected wrongdoer. It’s a personal style thing. So if you’re pondering how private investigators catch cheaters, here are some answers to help you along.


Surveillance is perhaps the most common method used by private investigators to catch cheaters. To start, private investigators will use spy cameras and other devices to capture images of their suspects cheating. These devices can include hidden cameras and security cameras that are designed to be discreet and discrete. After the private investigator has collected as much evidence as they need, they will analyze and process the information to prepare for an eventual confrontation.

Cell Phone Tracking/Electronic Bugs

If your private investigation agency has access to phone or cell phone records, then they may use them to track the suspected cheater. Most people have cell phones now, which means that they can provide a lot of information about them. If your private investigator has access to this information, then there’s a good chance that they’ll find the evidence they need to prove their claim.

Online Investigations

In recent years, the rise of online communication has led to a surge in online investigations. A growing number of married couples are falling prey to the temptation and convenience of internet affairs. When the cheating partner is spending time on the Internet, a private investigator may track their online actions. To do this, private investigators may use online spy software to record online activity secretly. This will allow private investigators to see what the cheating partner is doing while on the Internet and whether he or she is chatting with another person. Usually, such evidence is used to prove that someone is cheating on their spouse or significant other.

Social Network Investigations

Private investigators use social network investigations to search for any personal information that may be posted online. For example, many Facebook users share their relationship status publicly, so it’s easy for private investigators to determine who’s single and who isn’t. Private investigators also use this method to gather information on their suspect’s whereabouts and activities by searching through their postings, friends lists (to gather additional evidence), and status updates.

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Following the Suspect

Following the suspect is another method used by private investigators to catch cheaters. This method is often coupled with surveillance so that private investigators can record the suspect’s activities. Following the suspect can also be done using a GPS tracking device planted on a vehicle owned by the suspect. However, private investigators need to be careful when following a suspect, as they may be violating the rights of their suspect if they’re too invasive.


Questioning is another method used by private investigators to catch cheaters. This method involves interviewing the suspect’s known associates (friends, family members, co-workers, etc.) to gather additional evidence or information.

Private investigators are hired to catch a cheating husband or wife because the spouse being suspicious. They have proven to be an exceptional resource for finding evidence of infidelity in real-world relationships. However, before hiring a private investigator, it’s wise to do your research to find the most qualified one.