How do you grow your eyelashes using natural remedy?

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There are several ways to grow your own lashes naturally, without resorting to eyelash extensions or wild false lashes. There are several easy and effective ways to make your lashes grow longer, thicker and stronger, whether it’s moisturizing them or simply mixing them with different oils and serums.

If it comes to raising your eyelashes, there are plenty of DIY hacks worth trying before you try any prescription treatments. In fact, many people have been effective in using these products to stimulate hair growth on their lash lines. But, as with any product, be sure to consult your physician or dermatologist before adding new products to your beauty routine.

Make your eyelashes lush and long if you are searching for a recognizable improvement in your look.

Long eyelashes can give you the distinct look you are focusing on and give your face a moment lift. A basic mascara can be utilized to do that despite the fact that, with the hustle among work and home, it is somewhat hard to have the time making it rather boring.

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So how do you get longer lashes naturally for a longer duration?

To make your eyelashes grow thick and lush-long and make them look stunning, here are some natural techniques:

Petroleum Jelly

The skin of the eyelids will be smooth when it is moisturized by petroleum jelly. The eyelashes are moisturized as well so that it makes the hair grow.

On your clean fingers, take some petroleum jelly and apply it gently around the upper and lower eyelashes. For this, you can use a clean mascara stick as well. For the best performance, do this each night. This can also be used to keep the eyelashes from being dry and falling off prior to applying some mascara.

With vitamin E

For hair and skincare, vitamin E is strongly recommended. Vitamin E supplements hair follicle growth. It will help you get lengthier and thicker eyelashes when it is used daily.

With the aid of your fingertips or a cotton swab, add a thin layer of vitamin E oil to your lashes. This will nourish the eyelashes and assist the flow of blood to promote hair growth.

Green Tea

One of the rich sources of antioxidants is green tea. It includes epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) flavonoids and polyphenol, which promotes the length and volume of the eyelashes.

What you have to do is just brew some green tea, dip a clean cotton cloth in it, and put it on your eyelids.

A green tea bag may also be put on your eyelids. For some time, keep it on. Your eyelashes will be both thick and long with daily use.

Drinking green tea is an alternative way to experience the benefits of green tea.

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Oil of Castor

Castor oil is a hair growth booster and is known to produce results in a brief time. It contains ricinoleic acid, which may enable the eyelashes to hydrate. It also contains fatty acids that enhance hair health with omega-6.

Using it on your eyelashes gently. After some time, wash it off to ensure that none of it gets into your eyes.

This can also be left overnight and in the morning it can be washed with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera

In your own home, Aloe Vera can be grown easily and can be used for multiple beauty hacks. The eyelashes that will stimulate their growth will be nurtured by Aloe Vera gel.

To apply the gel gently to your eyelashes, take a clean mascara wand or a cotton bud and use it.


Massage helps improve the circulation of blood. The simulated flow of blood would cause the eyelashes to grow thicker and longer.

Massage the eyelids softly with a gentle movement for a few minutes, using clean hands and a few drops of coconut or olive oil. In the method, be careful not to damage your eyes. Within a few months, this will give you results.

Combing or brushing your lashes can also allow your lashes to stimulate blood and therefore make them grow better.

Balanced eating

The kind of food you consume is reflected on your face and body. Your body will be enriched with many foods, including avocados, sweet potatoes, almonds, eggs, yogurt, and cinnamon, such as vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin B5, etc.

Not only this will increase the consistency of your overall well being, but it will also enhance the development of your eyelashes.

It is possible to add nuts and yogurt to your breakfast recipe. Eggs and sweet potatoes are easy to cook and have enough nutrition. Throughout the day, they will also keep you energized, which will be a bonus advantage.

Precautions to be taken care of:

As the eye area is very sensitive, before you apply anything, it is best to take some precautions.

Make sure that you are not allergic to anything which you apply to your eyelashes.

Before you add it to your eye area, do a test patch on your side.

Anything you add to your eyelashes is not supposed to get into your eyes. The eyes may be annoyed.

Using just mascara sticks and cotton swabs that are clean. Before you start the procedure, make sure your eyes are free of dirt or any form of makeup.

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