How do you improve your overwatch gaming experience?

Rohan Mathew

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Gaming is a very popular activity to spend some leisure time. The average time spent on the game increased in this lockdown as people have to spend their accessible time playing games. Gaming has some benefits such as they improve users focus, multi-tasking and working memory. If you prefer to play the game with more thrill and with robust action then you might check the most popular online multiplayer game overwatch. Here is some reason why you should play this game.

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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer game published by blizzard entertainment in 2016. There are 32 playable characters and every player choose a “Hero” from given characters and every character has unique skills according to team role maybe it will rank, damage or support. This game is damn good to play with your friends, Here why.

  • This game embraces a wide range of different nationality, every character is different from others.
  • Zarya and Sombra Use their native language when they about to use their powers. They all are intertwined in prosperous mythology.
  • Overwatch is not one of those games which will fun to play with friends. You can have blast playing alone due to a large number of variety of game modes. Team deathmatch is one of the most dangerous and fun modes to play in this game. Custom game selection mode is the best to find new people to play with.
  • This game has the smoothest gameplay. It’s fast-paced and doesn’t have Godzilla Loading screen. It doesn’t stop the sequence of the game until your gone play shit. This game is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Just do your best to win games. I know it sounds cliche, but to be honest, always pick a good team.
  • So the best way of levelling up, in pretty much any game, is by earning XP. XP in Overwatch is awarded after every game in several different ways. To maximize your chances to earn more XP, here’s what you would have to do.
  • Be in a group. If you’re part of a party, your total XP awarded at the end of the game gets a 20% group bonus.
  • Play a long match. XP is awarded over time, about 3.4/second.
  • You can get 150 XP for a gold medal you earn in your statistics.
  • Finish the game. It’s a guaranteed 250 XP.


When you get to level 25 you can play Competitive mode. You start with 10 placement matches, which give you a ranking out of 1–100 based on how well you perform in those 10 matches. Then you get matched with other players within 50 of your ranking when you play Competitive mode. If you play against higher-ranked players you get a higher rank increase if you win. Your rank changes as you play competitive matches and these ranks get wiped at the end of every season.

Boost Ranking Faster.

Ranking in every game is very crucial as the players can compete with their familiar ranking players. It’s very difficult to push rank in a game where gamers of different skills, are competing with each other for the win. If you lose your game you can lose your SR with will affect in decreasing of your ranking.

Overwatch boosting 

If you can’t play in your rank then you want your rank boosted so that you end up in a rank you deserve. You have to be consistent with your gameplay because your rank goes down if you are not playing.    

If you want to boost your rank faster then you might check Overwatch boosting

Buying a boost is the most idiotic thing you could do. You can find the best boost at a good price then it might be worth your money paid.


Everyone saying that boosting is just a waste of money but I’m not sure this is a true thing because boost can improve your rank and give you the confidence to play with the more competitive player.