How is TechAhead Helping IOT Enterprises Reinvent their Businesses?

Rohan Mathew

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Over the last decade, we have seen a lot of technologies scratching the surface. But the trend that has completely revolutionized the entire industry is the Internet of Things (IoT). It refers to a complete system of digital machines, smart devices, people, mechanics, and other objects that work together to send data from one point to another. IoT is reinventing how businesses operate by understanding the customer base on a fundamental level.

According to a Forbes Insights survey of 700 executives, 60% of enterprises are expanding or transforming with new lines of businesses leveraging IoT initiatives, while 36% are considering potential new business directions. Furthermore, 63% are already providing new or updated services directly to customers with their IoT capabilities.

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Brick-and-mortar businesses that serve customers on a face-to-face basis can leverage IoT to get visual analytics and actively track consumers’ behavior on the sales floor. Cameras placed onsite can monitor how customers behave, allowing the team behind the scenes to judge how people react to specific displays, advertisements, and sales tactics. Additionally, you can analyze why customers choose to walk away versus purchasing a product or service.

Another way IoT helps businesses is by increasing data volume. Sensors located in production systems, warehouse assembly lines, and vehicles produce data that helps company managers comprehend how operations are flowing and help them decide how to improve product performance. As a large amount of data flow in from production systems, data centers, sensors and IoT systems, this real-time information helps companies gain further insights into their systems and processes’ performance and productivity, offering various opportunities for growth and innovation.

All these advantages provided by IoT come together to develop an astounding boost in efficiency across all sectors of business. IoT allows business organizations to become more scalable owing to their preventative measures. They have schemes in place to handle problems due to which their processes can be easily digitized, and they can take advantage of IoT throughout various areas of their infrastructure. There are fewer margins of error since an organization can keep tabs on their processes from start to finish.

Employees and workers of the organization are more productive as a result. The sensors bring in crucial data that allows IoT processes to tweak themselves to fix problems and meet the requirements of the business and its customers. In turn, goods and services reach the market quicker, thus creating an equally quick turnover of profit. Using drones, sensors, and GPS, the Internet of Things is able to easily spot trouble long before humans.

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The worldwide spending of IoT is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.6%. This brings us to the biggest question- Where can you get the best IoT solutions?

TechAhead, a leading mobile app development company, has been serving the industry since last 11 years. Be it Smart Wearables, Smart Retail, Smart Healthcare, Smart Logistics, Smart Consumer, or Smart Factory- TechAhead’s IoT specialists are constantly integrating IoT in each sector with their adept skills and helping IoT enterprises reinvent their businesses.

TechAhead is known to bring the physical world to digital for Heatmiser, UK’s leading smart room thermostat manufacturer. Their team of UI/UX experts have created simple and intuitive user interfaces for Heatmiser based on a complete analysis of the app’s information architecture which increased the user engagement by 15 times.

Heatmiser app was designed and developed for both iOS and Android platforms and was integrated with HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT, thus allowing customers to set up automation rules and take complete control of their Heatmiser Neo accessories. The smart control of Heatmiser Neo Accessories reduced the energy bills of Heatmiser customers by 50%.

TechAhead is constantly revolutionizing IoT industry through Asset Tracking and Inventory Management, Data Sharing & Perception, Forming New Business Lines, Driving Real-Time Insights, Effective Market Strategizing, and much more. From startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, TeachAhead’s IOT app development experts are determined to make the business don’t just grow but thrive in a competitive marketplace.