How Long Do Windows Last? A Homeowner’s Guide

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A well-maintained vinyl or fiberglass window can last for 20 to 40 years.

The lifespan of a window depends on many factors. It depends on the materials’ quality, climatic conditions, maintenance, and other factors discussed in this article.

Advantage Management Company advises that as a concerned homeowner, you should compare the different types of windows on the market first before installing them. You should also learn the dos and don’ts for the window to last long.

If you wonder how long do windows last, read this article to learn more about window lifespan and replacement.

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Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows

How often should windows be replaced?

You may replace your old windows during a home improvement project, even when they do not show any signs for replacements. However, there are apparent signs which require you to repair or replace the window immediately to prevent further damages.

Here are some of them:

Difficult Closing or Opening

A window that cannot open or close well has balance issues. The balancing problem may be caused by poor installation, rooting, or rusting.

If your window suddenly becomes hard to open or close, do not force it. Contact an expert to examine the problem, and recommend an ideal repair or replacement method.

Increased Cooling and Heating Costs

Single or double pane glass windows help homeowners to save energy. But once they get old, they usually begin to leak and lose their energy efficiency feature. High heating or cooling costs could, therefore, signify that it’s time to replace your windows.

Fog Between the Window Panes

Condensation or fog on the window shows that excess moisture is getting through the panes. This can only happen if the window seals are no longer effective.

You can easily repair the seal if the window material is of high quality. However, replacement would be the ideal option if the seal is fully damaged.

Visible Damages

Visible damage of fracture is an obvious sign that you should replace your window. Some materials, such as glass, lose their curb appeal immediately when they get cracked. They are not easy to repair too, and replacement is only the ideal option.

Decay on the Window Frames

There are two main reasons why window frames decay: old age and harsh weather. When they decay, it becomes hard for them to hold the shutter. You can replace the frame alone, although it’s advisable to replace both the window and the frame.

An experienced technician can help you decide well. You may visit page to learn more about what a window replacement expert may offer.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Window

You can prolong the life expectancy of your window by observing the right maintenance tips. You will only need to know the best ways of handling your window and follow that. Here are the most practical methods for maintaining a window:

Clean Well

Windows accumulate dirt, buildup, and other particles. Too much dust can interfere with their aesthetic appearance and functionality of the window. It’s therefore advisable to clean the windows once every week.

For best results, you should use a soft cloth or cotton wool. You should also avoid the corrosive detergents. Follow the manufacturer’s manual regarding the cleanliness to ensure that you clean it well.

Inspect Regularly

Inspect your windows every day even when you are not cleaning them. The regular inspection will help you see early signs of damage, and take the right precautionary measures to prevent permanent damage.


Repaint your windows after every four years. When you repaint, you will prevent the effects of corrosion, and maintain their curb appeal too. Note that some materials, such as glass, may not require painting; hence, you should find another maintenance practice to keep them in excellent condition.

Check the Seal

Window seals are prone to damages. This is particularly true in areas with very low temperatures. The seals attract mist and fog, which eventually, affect the functionality of the seal.

When the seal becomes weak, the chances are high that your energy bills will increase, and you will occasionally feel the effects of strong winds even when you are in the house. Replace the seal immediately if you notice it’s weak.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Wooden windows require regular lubrication to keep them operational. The hinges and the moving parts require regular lubrication too.

There are many lubricants in the market, and you should be very keen on the grease or spray you choose. Always consult an expert before you buy the lubricant.

Repair Immediately

Do not wait for a small scratch to become larger for you to attend to the window. Also, do not wait for the small holes to become extensive. The prompt repair will keep your windows more attractive, and they will have a longer lifespan.


Replace what looks hard to repair. If your windows are more than two decades old, then replacement would be the ideal option. Furthermore, there are many types of windows which you can install.

How Long Do Windows Last?

As mentioned earlier, the life of windows depends on multiple factors, such as the material. The lifespan for a vinyl window is longer than that of glass or wood. Aluminum has the lowest lifespan of about ten years, although the installation fee is also lower.

Here are other determinants for the life expectancy of a window:

The weather condition – strong winds and adverse weather conditions may shorten the life span.

Maintenance – poor maintenance increases the vulnerability of the window to damages.

Quality -a poor quality window material is prone to fractures and other damages.

Installation – a well-installed window can serve for an extended period compared to the poorly installed one.

Usage may also be a determining factor. A regularly used window has a shorter lifespan than the rarely used one.

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Understand the Basics of Window Maintenance

While there may not be a clear answer to how long do windows last, the good thing is that you can maintain your window, and prolong its lifespan. You will only need to understand the maintenance requirements for your window, and know when you should repair or replace it.

Also, work closely with an experienced technician to provide helpful advice on window replacements, and help you make informed decisions.

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