How Long Does It Take to Ship my Vehicle to Canada?

Rohan Mathew

How Long Does It Take to Ship my Vehicle to Canada

After “how much does shipping a car cost,” the second most popular question clients ask MSV Canada is “how long does it take to ship my vehicle to Canada?” The answer is that it isn’t always straightforward to predict how long it will take to ship your vehicle. Your delivery time frame depends on the shipping method you choose and other factors outside the company’s control.

But, most shipping companies do provide a timeline of one to seven days from when the car was picked up. It is, however, important to note that this timeline doesn’t take into account factors that can affect your shipping time. And they include:

Route Distance

The distance the shipping company has to cover significantly affects your car’s delivery time. The longer the shipping route, the longer the delivery time. Some factors relating to the distance that can affect your car’s delivery time frame to Canada include:

The Length of the Haul

The distance the shipping company has to cover to deliver your car is referred to as the length of the haul, and can be categorized into four types:

  • Short Haul: This category describes any shipment that has to be moved less than 250 miles from its pickup location. The expected delivery for such a haul is a few hours at most.
  • Mid Haul: This categorizes hauls that need to be delivered more than 250 to 400 miles. It takes roughly one day to complete such a haul.
  • Tweener: This haul covers a distance of 401 to 800 miles. The delivery time for a haul with such a distance is usually one to two days.
  • Long Haul: This category describes a haul with a range of 801-1,200 miles. The delivery time for this haul is between two to three days.
  • Extended long: This haul covers a distance greater than 1,200 miles. The expected delivery for such hauls is usually more than three days.

Before shipping your car, talk to your shipping company and develop a realistic plan to ensure you get your vehicle within a specific timeline.


Another element that affects how long it will take for your shipment to arrive at its destination is the restrictions. For instance, if you are shipping your car from the United States to Canada through an open or closed truck, you must note that truck drivers cannot drive for more than 11 hours. They are also required to rest for 10 hours before hitting the road again. This means that the delivery time for your car will be longer.


Another factor influencing your car’s delivery time is its pickup and delivery location. These two locations directly affect the time it takes to ship your vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle pickup or drop-off location is along a major interstate or near a metropolitan area, the delivery or pickup will be quicker and easier.

But, if either location is in a rural or remote area, then your delivery time will be much longer. The reason for the delay is that your shipping company has to schedule a truck to deliver your car to the remote location, as most trucks mainly operate along major highways and interstates.

The Type of Vehicle

It may take more time for the shipping company to find the proper shipping method for some types of cars. For instance, if you want to ship an extra-large car like a dually truck or commercial cargo van, your shipping company may take some time looking for a suitable mode of transportation that can accommodate the vehicle.

Also, shipping classic or luxury vehicles like a Lamborghini must be done with the utmost care. This usually calls for cargo plane or enclosed rail shipping which may affect how long it takes to ship your car, depending on availability.

Time of Year

The time of year you choose to ship your car can also significantly affect your delivery time. For example, if you are shipping your vehicle in the winter, it may take longer to pick up and deliver your car. Also, late spring may be the best time to ship your vehicle as transport companies are extremely busy during this season, meaning that your car will arrive earlier. With trucks going into and out of Canada, timely delivery is possible.

So, the next time you want to ship your car to Canada, make sure you make a mental note of the above factors. It also helps if you discuss with your shipping company and develop an elaborate plan that will ensure timely delivery of your car.