How Much Do Long Distance Movers Cost on Average?

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How much do long-distance movers cost, anyway? If you’re thinking of moving out of state, a professional moving company may be just what the doctor ordered. But can your pocketbook handle the expense?

Don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting. The sections below delineate both the average costs of long-distance moving companies as well as the many factors that determine your final costs. When you’re ready to discover what price tag is hiding under your moving van, read on.

Average Moving Costs

The average cost of an interstate move of 1,200 miles is $4,300. Notice the word average. A whole slew of factors will change your bottom line if you deviate from the average.

Most people do.

The average range of fees for moves over 100 miles is between $2000 to $8000. If you’re asking yourself why the range is so wide, the answer is simple. The sizes, weights, and distances covered during a move vary from one household to another.

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Think about it. If you drop a parcel off at the post office, would you expect your postage rate to change according to its size? What about its weight?

Both play a factor. That holds true whether you’re talking about the cost to hire the United States Postal Service to deliver your letter or the cost to hire movers to deliver your furniture.

Size matters because it determines how large a vehicle your movers need. A 1-bedroom apartment, for example, won’t require the same size moving vehicle as a 6-bedroom house.

Weight matters because it determines how much fuel your movers will need for the trip. Moving heavy objects requires more energy, therefore more gasoline.

Here’s a list of average moving costs used by experts such as these long distance movers:

One-Bedroom Home: $1,750 to $2800

Two-Bedroom Home: $2500 to $4000

Three-Bedroom Home: $3500 to $5000

Four-Bedroom Home: $5000 to $8000

Remember, these are only averages. Your costs may fall outside these ranges. To better determine your specific costs, factor in the elements in the section below.


How Much Do Long-Distance Movers Cost in Total?

If you’re moving across the country and you speak with prospective moving companies, they’ll probably give you a non-binding estimate. Your estimate might not factor the following additional costs into the equation.

  • Load size
  • Load weight
  • Distance
  • Specialty package
  • Stairs or elevators
  • Moving date
  • Number of movers
  • Additional storage
  • Geographical location
  • Moving insurance

If you’re moving cross country, tack on an additional 5% for each of the elements in the above list which applies to your move. That’ll give you a rough estimate for your grand total.

What’s Next?

So, how much do long distance movers cost? As you now know, prices vary. Get a rough estimate from the sections above before you start price checking your potential prospects.

Did you find this information helpful? Then pop over and enjoy another article from our huge travel library. So long and good luck!