How Much Does a ThermiVa Treatment Cost?

Rohan Mathew

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ThermiVa treatment has grown in popularity over the past few years with women of all ages opening up to the idea of taking more intentional care of their lady parts.  It comes with a wide range of significant benefits for your vagina without surgery or uncomfortable invasive procedures. Are you interested in ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation? We will cover everything you need to know about ThermiVa treatment and just how much you may need to part with to experience this revolutionary technology.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that boosts the beauty and functionality of your vagina and vulva using radiofrequency technology. Don’t let the big word scare you: it is a pretty straightforward procedure. The radiofrequency energy stimulates several anatomical changes inside your vaginal tissues and your vulva. It creates warm areas within your vaginal tissues to trigger fibroblasts to produce more collagen and stimulate new blood vessel formation.

These changes lead to a stronger and healthier vaginal lining with more blood flow and improved, defined vaginal walls. More blood flow also translates to improved pleasure sensation during intimacy and natural lubrication.

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Advantages of Thermiva Treatment

  • Enhanced Vagina Tightness

ThermiVa treatment enhances blood flow and stimulates more collagen production that tightens the walls of your vagina. A fuller vaginal lining decreases the diameter of your vagina, leading to a vaginal opening that feels tighter than before. If you have a sagging vagina or camel toe, ThermiVa can tighten labial tissues to produce soft and plump skin. This way, you can wear your favorite form-fitting clothes without feeling anxious.

  • Increased Sexual Pleasure

ThermiVa improves the general health of your vagina and tightens your vaginal walls. This can significantly improve the sensation during intimacy. What’s more? The collagen stimulation enhanced by ThermiVa treatment focuses on parts of your posterior vaginal wall. That causes your vaginal tissues to thicken and enhances tissue development around your erogenous area (G-spot). These tissues facilitate more frequent and intense orgasms.

Collagen stimulation also tightens the tissues around your vagina, causing a reduction in your vaginal canal diameter. This can create enhanced stimulation for both you and your sexual partner.

  • Improved Vulva Appearance

As mentioned earlier, ThermiVa treatment stimulates the production of blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow around your vaginal area. More blood going to your clitoris and labia causes these parts to increase in volume and appear tighter, fuller, and youthful.

  • Increased Vaginal Lubrication

The radiofrequency energy used in ThermiVa treatments causes your vaginal tissues to warm up, triggering your body’s natural regeneration response. This can stimulate more natural vaginal lubrication both internally and externally. You can say goodbye to vaginal dryness and discomfort every time you have intercourse.

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  • Reduced Vaginal Leakages

If you experience stress urinary incontinence or involuntary urinary leakages, you might want to consider ThermiVa treatment. While urinary leakages when laughing, coughing, or sneezing may be quite common, you may experience reduced incontinence after ThermiVa treatment. The procedure stimulates collagen production in your ureterovesical junction. This area is prone to weakening due to pelvic floor disruption during vaginal childbirth. As such, increased collagen levels strengthen this junction to give you more control over bladder release.

How Long Does ThermiVa Treatment Last?

A single ThermiVa treatment shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes to complete. However, the number of sessions you require varies depending on each patient. Most women require an average of three in-office sessions before they can enjoy the full benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

How Much Does ThermiVa Treatment Cost?

One ThermiVa treatment session costs about $750. An average patient requires three sessions which add up to approximately $2250. You can also save a few bucks by paying upfront for the three sessions, in which case you’ll only have to part with $2000. Most patients require a touch-up after twelve to eighteen months to maintain all the amazing benefits of ThermiVa at $700. Of course, these prices may vary slightly depending on where you choose to get your ThermiVa procedure done.

It is essential to note that ThermiVa treatment is not covered by medical insurance. That is largely because the procedure is considered to be cosmetic. However, you can check out medical credit providers that offer to fund such healthcare procedures.

The female body is bound to change with age, heredity, or even childbirth. This does not mean that you have to feel insecure about your intimate parts. You can get a ThermiVa treatment to help you regain your confidence and enjoy intimacy like never before.