How much does a tree surgeon charge to cut down a tree?

Rohan Mathew




Felling trees, pruning shrubs, splitting logs, cutting hedges—a tree surgeon is responsible for all these. Who is a tree surgeon? A qualified tree surgeon is a horticulture maintenance engineer who may hold a degree in forestry or related fields, has extensive experience, and has typically undergone apprenticeship training.

Even with experience in their field, a tree surgeon needs to have top-notch soft skills, including time management, discipline, teamwork, and excellent fitness levels. Not as easy as it looks! How much does it cost to chop down a tree? It depends on many factors, including what tree it is, who’s charging, how many people work on the project, and so on. For more data on this, check out the Tree Guardian service website.

Let’s look at how the cost of felling a tree is influenced, so you can make an educated guess about how much you might have to pay.

Basic Costs Involved in Tree-Felling

Tree surgeons may charge anywhere between $150 to $2,000 to take down a tree, based on the material needed, machinery used, and labor hired for the job. A 75-80-foot tall tree can easily cost a premium charge of more than $1500. Smaller trees are easier to remove and will usually get done in $150-$750. The size of the tree plays a huge role in selecting a price package; a young sapling will not cost as much as a sprawling oak. Even if you take a bit of financial damage, we recommend hiring the best professional surgeon in town. Cutting the smallest tree requires precaution and precision, and doing so without experience is a surefire recipe for disaster.

What factors affect tree felling?

Size – The size of the tree is an important factor to consider, but it’s not just how tall the tree is. The girth of a tree is equally important. A short, wide tree may cost more to cut down than a tall and slim one.

Condition – The healthier a tree, the more arduous it is to cut it. Trees in their prime need more work to be brought down than old, diseased, or weak trees. Expect a much cheaper quote for dying or rotting trees.

Location – Similarly, where a tree is located can determine how hard it is to cut it. A tree on open ground is easiest and, therefore, cheapest to remove compared to trees growing next to houses in residential areas. The tree surgeon may need to use complicated maneuvers and bring in specialized equipment to bypass any damage caused to the surrounding environment. The more the effort, the more the cost.

Type of Tree – Some trees are inherently challenging to cut. An average or basic price package may suffice to get most trees removed, but some trees, like oaks, need a premium price package to overpower their impressive girth and formidable strength.

Additional Services

For an extra fee, you can make your job even easier. Not only will the company remove the trees you want, but they will also provide any additional clean-ups you need after the removal. You can find a comprehensive list of all the services related to tree removal on the company’s website.

Stump removalStump removal is a complicated process that needs special tools. Once again, the girth, health, and type of the tree can pivot prices one way or another. Overall, this service increases the cost of felling by $50 to $400, depending on the tree.

Tree trunk removal – Post-felling of the tree, a tree surgeon, splits the tree trunk into smaller, more portable sections. You’re free to use this wood to have something built or get it disposed of. If you opt for the latter, you can pay an additional charge to have the felled tree disposed of for you. This service will cost you up to $100.

Log Splitting – A lot of the trees make excellent firewood. If that’s your plan, the tree surgeon will bring a log splitting machine to the site. This can come in handy for people with outdoor barbeques, bonfires, or fireplaces. The service costs between $50 and $100.

The Lafayette area has many tree removal services, which all offer different levels of price and quality. We recommend the Tree Guardian tree services for their 30-plus years of experience. They can give you detailed price estimates and help tailor their services based on your individual needs.