Brick Wall Repair When to Get It Done

Rohan Mathew

Bricks masonry is well known for its toughness and longevity. Over time, the environment can deteriorate the entire structure. Usually, this damage will go unnoticed until the brick wall completely falls apart. 

Then, you’ll be faced with the expensive replacement process of building a new brick structure. To avoid spending a lot of money on brick masonry replacement services, it’s important to recognize the signs of a failing structure. 

Below, you’ll find in-depth information on the critical signs that will show you need to strongly consider brick wall repair. 

Frost Boil

Frost boil is a condition in which the bricks in a wall will bulge due to freezing temperatures. Frost boil occurs in areas where cold and freezing temperatures are common.

Particularly, when water seeps into the cracks of your wall and freezes, the bricks will begin to bulge. In extreme cases, the mortar will loosen and the bricks will begin to fall out of the wall. 

Frost boil can weaken an entire brick wall within months. To repair this issue, masonry contractors must remove the bricks that have bulged out and lay down new mortar before filling the gaps with new bricks. 

Corner Cracks

Cracks in a brick wall will happen naturally. If a crack spreads across a brick wall at a verticle angle, you don’t have to worry about the structure collapsing any time soon. 

Still, it’s important to fill these cracks before they become an issue. Masons will usually place epoxy in the cracks of a brick wall to prevent moisture from seeping into the structure. 

If water were to get inside the cracks and freeze, the bricks could bulge, fall out, and the cracks would grow. 

Crushed Bricks

This is a common problem that often goes unnoticed. This is because most people wouldn’t know that a crushed brick is a symptom of structural damage. 

It’s simple to spot crushed bricks in a wall. A crushed brick will look chipped or severely cracked. This happens when the weight of the wall collapsed on exposed bricks. 

Unfortunately, when you find one crushed brick, you’re bound to find others. It’s important to hire a brick mason to identify the affected areas in your brick wall and replace all damaged bricks. 

Otherwise, the affected bricks will continue cracking under the pressure of the wall and cause a total collapse. 

Mortar Loss

Mortar deterioration is one of the tell-tale signs that your brick wall needs repair. After the mortar dissolves in your wall, the bricks will begin to rub against each other. 

The bricks will then begin to crack, and this will place an enormous strain on the entire structure. If you have noticed a loss of mortar in your wall, it’s time to call a brick mason to remove the old mortar and apply a new finish. 

Request Professional Brick Wall Repair Help

Brick walls are designed to last for decades. Therefore, concerning issues can go unnoticed if you don’t hire a brick wall repair specialist. Doing so will help you preserve your brick wall for years to come. 

Hiring a brick mason can also help you to maintain your wall to prevent the most subtle problems from developing into a major dilemma.