How online courses has changed the face of education in India

Albert Howard

How online courses has changed the face of education in India

In the last few years there has been a significant increase in demand for online education owing to the several benefits that it provides in the form of cost effectiveness and flexibility for the students.The online courses platform has also been gaining significant amount of popularity from both the students in the teachers as it has been instrumental in providing better support to the students and enabling them to have a better understanding of several concerts and widening the knowledge base. The Indian educational sector has always been significantly based upon traditional methods of teaching that included the use of textbooks in the form of references along with a diagrammatic representation that was often hand drawn by the teachers or present in the books. However, there were a lot of challenges present, especially based on the fact that not all students were able to get a proper understanding through this method by pushing them towards gaining extra tutors for educators who can provide them with clarity on these concepts. Moreover, due to financial constraints the educational sector was not able to implement the use of modern technology in full force thereby causing disparities in the economy. The reason being that there were some schools who had the ability to purchase this technology is unemployment in the classroom and thereby use it to provide a better understanding of the subject to those students. On the other hand there were schools that were unable to purchase these mediums and thereby had to rely on traditional methods to continue the learning process. However, with the start of the online education system it now became possible for the teacher and students to not only effectively communicate but also make use of these Technologies and gain a better understanding of several new concepts that already have a significant amount of importance in the current world across several industries. the support that was provided to the students in the form of online courses to both professional students as well as students belonging to schools and colleges has been instrumental in pushing them towards working towards new innovation.In fact it has also been stated that through online course selling there has been a new market developed in the field of education in India that has led to not only Employment generation but also revenue generation thereby having a positive impact on the gross domestic product of the economy.

The cost-effectiveness of online education has also enabled students having no financial strength to be able to take part in this knowledge process by simply accessing the internet where they will be directed to the desired portal they wish to participate or have a look through. the government has also been fundamental in providing support to this sector in the form of providing them with cheap internet connection as well as technical resources including the use of Smartphones and laptops so that they too can be an inclusive part of the online education revolution. The step undertaken by the government shows their effort to remove disparity from the field of education to ensure that a strong band of future leaders can be created. The Online how to sell online courses that have been developed have been mainly to support the students in the existing School curriculum along with several other added topics that will be of interest to them. These online courses thereby have been able to Foster a sense of creativity and innovation among the students and thereby made the entire learning process to be interesting and easier for them. 

Significance of online education in India

Online education system has a lot of positive implications for the Indian subcontinent as it will not only provide the students with an opportunity to increase efficiency and Technology but also provide them with an opportunity to take part in the international conventions and show their creativity. Through the help of these online courses the students will also be provided with better exposure based on which they can help in changing their views and opinions and by making them more creative and innovative. It will also help in installing a sense of confidence among the students thereby enabling them to develop their own future and work towards their objective.