How Pets Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Vitality and Lifestyle

Rohan Mathew

 Did you know that there are 40.3 million U.S. residents 65 years and older?

Thanks to a modern standard of living and better medical technology, people are living longer than ever. 

Old age brings challenges as once active productive people with bright minds are slowed down by aging bodies. As our loved ones get older it becomes more and more important that they maintain mobility and vitality. 

Did you know that a pet can encourage movement and good physical health? Why not read on to find out how.

Boost a Person’s Mood

Pets are an all-around great mood booster. People who have pets report that they are happiest when they are walking their dog or petting their cat. This is backed up by science who reports that serotonin levels in the body actually increase when people interact with their beloved pets. 

As humans, we have an innate need to care for others and interact with others. Elderly people often comment that they feel less lonely and have a greater sense of purpose when they have a pet to look after. 

Control Stress Levels

When humans touch the soft skin of a cat or pet the coat of a dog, a chemical reaction happens inside them that lowers blood pressure and reduces stress levels. The calming sound of a purring cat or wagging tail of a dog also removes tension in the human body.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have a dog it will need to go out for walks at regular intervals. This is good not only for the pet but for the owner. It gives elderly people a reason to go outside and get fresh air and sunlight, even for just a few minutes each day. 

These few minutes of exercise, and often interactions with neighbors, can give older people stimulation that helps them to maintain their vitality. 

Encourages Vitality

Pets encourage movement. Movement helps seniors to maintain their vitality. As they move each day both in the house and outside they become cognizant of their mobility and this gives them greater happiness.

Vitality is more than just health it is an attitude that allows older ones to take joy from their lives. Naples Vitality has other suggestions that can help older and younger ones to live healthily and maintain their vitality. 

Maintaining Vitality and Much More

If your loved one is getting older, it can be sad to see them slowly losing their mobility. They may feel that they are losing their independence as they become more and more dependent on others to do simple tasks. 

A simple change such as introducing a cat or a dog into the home can give elderly ones the opportunity to move and maintain their vitality. 

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