How Technology Is Helping the Cannabis Industry Grow

Rohan Mathew

There are CBD users who prefer to get their benefits the old fashioned way, smoking the buds. However, many CBD users don’t smoke, and they wouldn’t like to get into the habit of it. Fortunately, technology has made it possible for manufacturers to make all kinds of CBD products.

You can easily find top-rated UK CBD oils, gummies, edibles, creams, and many other products. That is easily understandable too. Having a plethora of health benefits from a plant-based product that has next to none side effects is simply too good to not try.  

While the CBD products are gaining more popularity day by day, the experts are thinking of more ways to make the products better for the consumers and attract even more of the population towards CBD. By now, you may already be well aware of the fact that the future is mostly about technological advancements in industries. Let’s see how technology is being used to change the CBD industry.

The Farmers – Using LED Lighting For Reducing Costs 

Unless you are looking at auto-flowering seeds, hemp and cannabis plants have an incredibly precise growing process that can get quite complicated and takes time to master. 

While the farmers in the warmer regions are able to get sufficient lighting for their plants to grow, the growers in the colder parts of the world have more trouble getting the perfect amount of light for their cannabis. 

Fortunately, the farmers that have trouble growing outdoors can set up an indoor growing environment. However, indoor growing can significantly raise the costs of farming, and, therefore, the prices of the end products as well. 

The reason is that farmers need to use high-intensity bulbs to give their plants the right type of light. Not only is that a significant investment, but also the bills and maintenance can quickly add up.

The solution to this common issue for the farmers would be LED lighting. They can significantly reduce their costs by using special LED lights and even cause less harm to the environment. Maintaining the internal temperature of the environment will also be easier since LEDs don’t release heat. 

The Manufacturers – Using Ultra Sonic Extraction Process for Better Products

There might not be any debate over the fact that high-quality CBD products are a must if any manufacturer wants to be at the top of the CBD industry. The customers these days are mostly educated. They know that only the purest forms of CBD extracts in their products will be able to offer them the benefits they are looking for when they choose this form of natural treatment. 

While there is a wide range of techniques or methods that can be used to extract CBD from the hemp plants, the most commonly used is carbon dioxide extraction. It is generally divided into three different production techniques; mid-critical, supercritical, and subcritical. While they are being widely used, the top companies continue to refine and improve them. 

Currently, the carbon dioxide method might be the cheapest, cleanest, and safest option in the market. However, an even better technique would be ultrasonic extraction. While it’s in the early stages, sonification or ultrasonic extraction can be a game-changer for the industry. 

This method can be used to process purified CBD oil into an incredible stable nanoemulsion. That can basically increase the amount of the product that is absorbed into your system. Meaning, you can get the same benefits with less CBD. It can make the ZenBears CBD gummies even better for you.

The Sellers – Using Artificial Intelligence to Collect Data

Sellers have to compete in the heavily competitive market to increase their brand awareness and make customers these days. However, data science and big data can certainly help them out. 

Using artificial technology to gather information regarding CBD customers, such as their buying habits and preferences, has become much easier. This data can allow sellers to improve their product lines, know the type of items in high demand, and make better decisions regarding things like digital marketing. If they know what products a certain demographic is looking for, they can better target their marketing efforts and save money.

Other than the sellers, AI has also been significantly helpful to scientists and marketers in collecting the data they need to analyse commercial trends. The scientists also use the data for other purposes. Currently, the internet is a massive library of information just waiting to be read. 

The Consumers – Using Technology to Get Personalized CBD Products

Every human being is created uniquely. Even identical twins aren’t 100% alike. Because of the difference in the biochemistry, people feel different effects when they use CBD products. That means CBD products can be highly beneficial and helpful for some individuals while not affecting others in the slightest. 

Because of the differences, consumers have a harder time finding the perfect type and amount of CBD for themselves. If it presents to be too much of a challenge, some might even think that CBD is just not for them. Even though manufacturers are working hard to give as many options of products to the general public as possible, it still might not be enough for some.

There are edibles, oils, creams, patches, vaping oils, buds for smoking, and so many other ways to intake CBD nowadays. Therefore, introducing more methods of consuming CBD may not be the solution to the problem. If you want to get the full CBD experience and get all the benefits other users are enjoying, your body needs to react well to the CBD products that you are consuming. 

For that, there is a process of using saliva swab tests and technology to find out the most perfect way an individual can get the benefits of CBD. The process can help determine how your body will react to the known cannabinoids and the type of compound most suitable for your needs. Even though it’s still being experimented with, the CBD industry is very excited about it.