How to adapt your marketing strategy during a pandemic

Rohan Mathew

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Since its outbreak in late 2019, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. Everything from global economies to school systems has been affected. Many non-essential workers have lost their jobs, travel plans have been cancelled, and some businesses have even gone out of business. While adhering to lockdown restrictions is paramount to combating this pandemic, the devastating social effects the pandemic carries cannot be denied.

No one could have predicted the catastrophic impact this pandemic would have on individuals and businesses alike. As the world continues to change and adapt to this new normal, companies are forced to evaluate their marketing strategies in order to adapt and thrive during and after the pandemic. This article will give you marketing strategy tips to help your company stay relevant while expanding its clientele during this time

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Right now, the vast majority of the population is at home and is finding themselves spending more time online than they bargained for And Also Many People Are Searching for technical support services in the world.  Many of these people are spending an enormous amount of time online and on social media, making the online community the perfect place to market your brand. This would connect you to your customers in a way they understand.

Community Support

You can begin by making sure your community knows where you stand and how you are willing to support them during this time. This can be done by treating your employees fairly by paying them while they are at home if they are unable to work. People will want to support a company they know cares for all its employees.

You can also achieve this by engaging in acts of community service, such as donating money to food banks or providing free medical supplies to the medical community. This will increase your visibility as a company and people will associate your brand as part of the solution and not the problem.

Personalizing Communication

Another marketing strategy that will ensure that your company stands out during this time is personalizing the communication and engagement you have with your current clientele. It is incredibly easy to feel alone during such an isolating and uncertain time. Some people have been forced to socially distance themselves away from their loved ones or are facing financial instability due to job losses.

Your clients are no different, consider engaging with them in a way that is entertaining and lighthearted. Do this by putting out relatable videos and content on platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. This will help your customers feel less alone while keeping your brand relevant in the digital space.

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These can be memes or videos ranging from anything like cooking tutorials, how-to videos or some light comedy that promotes your brand. Your customers will feel connected to your company and you will be exposed to a new target market and audience.

 Digital Presence

After increasing your social media engagement and making sure that your customers know that you are empathising with them, update your website and make sure that your company is visible online. With more people using the internet for shopping, learning and working, now is the time to be visible on every digital platform. This can be done by optimising your use of search engine optimisation  (SEO) strategies.

This will ensure that your company climbs to the top of Google’s search engine results pages, directing more search traffic your way. Once this is done, invest in pay per clicks adverts. This refers to an internet marketing tool where you pay a search engine to get more visitors on your website, resulting in potentially more customers and sales.

There are different types of pay per click adverts, the most common being the paid search ads, where certain keywords direct users to your company when they search for something. This online marketing tool is extremely cost-effective, costing as little as three US dollars while putting you ahead of your competition.


Despite the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, business owners do not need to panic. These pandemic marketing strategies prove that with just a little bit of research, your company can thrive during and after the pandemic. With a little creativity and willingness to learn, your company can still thrive. All you need to do is strategise, work around the restrictions you face, optimise your visibility.

Remember to stay connected and engaged with your customers and do it in a way that resonates with your customers and represents your brand and company best. Above all, it is important now more than ever before to show compassion and empathy to people during this time, you won’t regret it.