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No one can deny the importance of social media today.

Instagram is one of the most popular and useful social networking app being used worldwide.

anchor-  social networking app Instagram is becoming a fast-growing marketing medium and also gives an effective way to share our lives with family and friends through pictures.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also needs a direct messaging platform. These Direct Messages (or DM in digital language) are a private mode of communicating between the users of social media. This DM is a way to communicate between two people directly.

Do you know how to use Instagram Direct Messages to communicate with people?

This piece of information can be considered as a complete guide to explain you auto-reply to Instagram messages.

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Instagram Auto-Reply or Quick Replies:

Auto-reply tools like Slide are extremely efficient and helpful for marketers and businesses. These previously formatted responses are used to insert direct messages for convenience. It provides a way to avoid typing the same reply again and again to different people. This feature of Instagram is limited to business profiles only because regular Instagram users have not much need for this tool.

These quick replies are not automated responses similar to a Facebook messenger or an automatic email setting with specific phrases or keywords. Every time you have to read the message you receive and then by selecting the “Quick reply” option from your own created list, your response will be delivered.

Why do you need to use automated Instagram messages?

There are many reasons to send Instagram Direct Messages:

  • For creating, maintaining, and growing relationships
  • Responding to Instagram stories to show that you care about your followers
  • For ensuring better customer care by having a private conversation with customers on Instagram

Learning the art of autoreply on Instagram?

It is not rocket science to send automated messages on Instagram, but still, it is not a walk in the park to implement automated strategies. Before using this tool effectively, you need to keep in mind the two extremely opposite consequences:

  1. You can rely entirely on marketing automation, and it can result in losing the natural human touch. It can make people consider your account spam.
  2. You can avoid the existence of marketing automation altogether and let its benefits slip away.

You need to work on high-quality content, and customer engagement equally to get maximum benefits. By using technology with a human touch for automated messages on Instagram, you can build a strong relationship with customers as well as your followers.

These automated messages can increase your time and cost efficiency for a business and helps you to establish your brand name in the following ways:

  • For an impressively engaging Instagram profile, it is real trouble to handle comments manually. With the auto-comments feature, you can take back your control over your account and pay attention to unleash your creativity.
  • This feature is beneficial in developing a positive brand image by a timely and impressive reply from your side. It is an effective way to involve followers in an engagement loop.
  • Automated messages also help you to get rid of spammers who try to derail Instagram ads.
  • Auto-comments on Instagram provide you with assistance to deliver better customer services.

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Ways for businesses to use the “Quick reply” feature of Instagram:

To be more efficient with Instagram Direct Messages, “Quick Reply” is the perfect feature for businesses. This Quick Reply feature is useful for groups and businesses in the following ways:

  • These Quick Replies are effective when someone runs an “Instagram Giveaway”. You can save a lot of time and effort by creating a quick response about when the draw will be held, who can participate, rules for the participants, and other details.
  • Quick Replies are also helpful to stay engaged with a particular community.
  • This is an ideal way to answer common questions asked by your followers.
  • Businesses can use this Quick Reply option for a better and frequent “Customer Support”.

How to send automated messages on Instagram?

There is a variety of automated messages you can send different people, like:

  • Sending a welcome message to the new followers
  • Automated messages to your followers
  • Automated messages to the people who are not following you

By following these simple steps, you can set up an auto-reply to new incoming messages on Instagram:

  1. To use the “Instagram auto message” option, you need to create your replies first.
  2. Now create your replies by opening your profile and tapping the three lines present in the top right corner of your phone’s screen. Directly from the sidebar menu reach the Instagram settings.
  3. From the option of “Business Settings” choose the option of Quick Replies.
  4. From the top right corner of the screen, choose the “+” button to create an automated message.
  5. You should select one option from the list to make your created message customized for:
  • New followers: you can send them a ‘’welcome message’’.
  • New followers: here you can enter all Instagram usernames that you want to send messages to.
  • Existing followers: this is the option to send a message to your followers. Here you can use a sub-option of ‘’Custom filter’’ to limit your target audience.
  1. Now you will find a new window where you are allowed to create a quick reply or the keyboard shortcut for the quick response.
  2. Click the ‘’Save’’ button to save your automated message.
  3. For a new quick reply, repeat the given steps.


Auto-Reply or Quick Reply on Instagram is a big step towards a more improved and successful social media strategy. It is a more reliable and efficient way for people and businesses to communicate with their clients and audience.

This is a smart, automated moderation that improves the Instagram presence of a brand or person. With a little more innovative content implementing an impressive auto-commenting is nothing complicated.

Be more productive and successful with Instagram Direct Messaging and improve customer engagement, streamline social customer services, enhance your efficiency, and assure a better customer experience.