How To Be Cool And Smart In Summer Time?

Rohan Mathew

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How To Be Cool And Smart In Summer Time?

Summers in India that we have been experiencing have been wild, scorching, and unbearable by any means. Temperatures are so high that it is impossible to remain without air conditioning or a room cooler. Due to the high humidity that comes with the arrival of monsoon, even coolers become ineffective and it is only an air conditioner that gives some relief. However, air conditioners are not cheap, and everyone knows that. Residents have been known to have electricity bills that have reached multiple thousands in summer alone! Therefore you can always opt to Google ac on rent near me and get one easily online.

In addition to the billing issue, the problem of electricity outages is another one we have to deal with. The outages in the metro areas have been greatly reduced, but conditions are still pretty bad in other parts of the country.

If you are wondering how you can stay cold with these bummers, you will be delighted to know that there are many options for you.

  • The Famous Egyptian Technique

Those who lived along the Nile knew how to stay cool. They had a technique for keeping their beds cool called the ‘Egyptian method’. It involves dampening your bedsheet with cold water or putting a towel on top of your bed. Then, use that directly as a blanket or use it together with a dry towel so that the moisture doesn’t accumulate.

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  • The Creation of Proper Ventilation

Whenever a room is not properly ventilated, it can become pretty stuffy without cross ventilation. If you don’t have cross-ventilation in your room, you can always make one. You can also place multiple fans in the room so that they create a super cool airflow, such as across a door or window. Place the fan so that a cross breeze is created by the wind outside and the fan. If it helps, you can get a cooler on rent in Kolkata and other major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and so on.

  • An Ice Water Bottle Might Help

The hot water bottle you were given by grandma can also be poured with water and frozen in the refrigerator for the summer. This way, you can feel cold during the summer.

  • You Might Consider Freezing Your Sheets, Too!

Putting your sheets in the refrigerator for a few minutes before you go to bed will help you stay cool on a hot summer night. This is one of the best possible ways to keep your cool, but it is also not recommended if you have a cold-sensitive body or bad headache history. This also needs a refrigerator, so if you are a student and do not have one, this is probably not for you.

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  • Replace Everything With Cotton

Make the switch to cotton bedsheets, in addition to choosing lighter colors and soft materials. In addition, choose nightwear with a breezy, comfortable feel. This is a feasible option for one and all.

In hot and humid conditions, you can’t even wipe off the sweat. The only cure at such times is to take a cool shower. Feel free to sing aloud as the cooling begins.