How to Bring New Staff into Your Firm in Winter 2020

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

This has been one of the most challenging and difficult years in living memory for business leaders and their staff. Not only has the global pandemic forced many firms to close their doors forever, but it’s also impacted upon those firms that have struggled on, leaving them without an office space, and with many workers dropping to part-time wages. However, with economic recovery on the horizon, and hundreds of thousands of businesses now looking to achieve profits this winter, it’s time to think about hiring again – as this article helps to outline.

Hiring Effectively

As predicted, this is a difficult time for workers – millions of whom are currently unemployed and looking for work. For the worker, this means depressed wages, as more and more people fight over lower and lower wages to get a job. But for firms with ambitions to grow, this is a wonderful scenario: the labor market is particularly rich and diverse at the moment, and people are looking for a job to take them through to the end of 2020.

As such, this is a great time to look to the talent pool in your area to see what kind of talent you can acquire to help boost your firm’s performance in the final quarter of this year. Use your HR team to do some initial scouting and, if you find a few individuals to interview, prepare to onboard them fast into your team.

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Effective Onboarding

Even the smartest new staff members need a helping hand once they enter your firm to fully understand what it is that you do, what their role will be, and how they can navigate your business and your IT structures without getting hopelessly lost and confused. This is all a part of the onboarding procedure.

All firms out to have this procedure mapped out and confirmed for all new staff members. Make Employee Onboarding a breeze by using software to help them learn about your firm: it’ll help organize the payroll and employee benefits, but this software will also focus on their learning and wellbeing, helping to get them up to speed quickly once they join your firm.

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Part of the Team

All managers should watch over new recruits carefully; after all, they’re the members of staff that are most likely to struggle in the first few weeks on the job. One thing that can make their lives a whole lot easier is forming effective and mutual bonds with their close colleagues – and you can help manage this by organizing work drinks, a meal out, or an activity day with your new recruits.

The best managers aren’t just trying to drive productivity through hard work – they also know that happiness and fulfillment are important factors in helping their staff work hard, and as such they’ll be concentrating on the performance and wellbeing of new recruits throughout the onboarding process – as you should be, to extract the best work from them in their first weeks on the job.

There you have it: three absolutely vital tips to help you bring in new staff this winter.