Bike Sizing: How to Choose an Electric Bike for Your Body Type

Rohan Mathew

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Once you learn how riding a bike is one of the easiest things in the world. Selecting the best electric bike for women, however, is not, especially for women with above-average or below-average height. For them, the standard once-size-fits-all bike size doesn’t cut it. But how do you choose a bike that best fits your unique body type? The answer lies in both the adjustable seat and the design of the bike itself.

What Is an Electric Bike?

A new electric bike is a bicycle that comes with a small battery-powered motor.  This motor makes riding the bike easier, turning a medium-distance commute from a physically-exhausting chore to a smooth, relaxing ride. Electric bikes are designed to provide an eco-friendly alternative for those commuting short distances to work. E-bikes come with several features that set them apart from regular bikes:

  • Rechargeable electric motor
  • Handlebar throttle to control the speed

These features allow you to ride at an average speed of 20 miles per hour without much physical exertion, making electric bikes an ideal choice for people commuting to and from work. But there is a major drawback that especially affects people who fall outside the average height range. Since you will be putting a lot of mileage on this bike on a daily basis, the bike needs to be made out of durable material; this, along with the electric features, makes e-bikes much more expensive than traditional bicycles. It makes sense, especially since you are functionally replacing your car, but this means that it is extremely important for tall and short people to find a bike that they can ride comfortably.

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Finding a Bike For Tall Riders

Riding a bike that is too small is extremely uncomfortable and can make riding much more difficult. Signs that a bike is too small for you can include:

  • Knees or thighs hitting the handlebars
  • Handlebars too close to your body
  • Seat too low

The best electric bikes for tall riders are those that are adjustable and allow the rider to sit in the seat without having their legs too high up. An adequate frame and the correct wheel size will be able to let the tallest rider sit comfortably without hunching over or hitting their legs on the handlebars when they pedal.

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E-Bikes for Shorter Riders

Short riders face the inverse of the problems that tall riders do. Here are some signs that a bike is too big:

  • Difficulty touching the ground when standing
  • Discomfort or difficulty using pedals

Whereas tall riders can attempt to make a smaller bike fit, riding a bike that is too big can be dangerous since not being able to pedal or touch the ground properly makes the bike more difficult to control. Good e bikes for short riders come with a smaller frame, smaller wheels and an adjustable seat that allows them to set how high up they sit on the bike.

Finding the e-bike that fits you best allows you to ride safely and comfortably, no matter your height.