How to choose the right air track mat?

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How to choose the right air track mat?

When you think of an inflatable gymnastics track mat, your thoughts may go to gymnastics and cheerleading.

But you should know that this mat is also perfect for perfecting movements in sports like martial arts and parkour.

If you’re ready to buy an air track mat but aren’t sure which one to choose yet, this list of things to consider will serve as a guide.

Choose the right size air track mat.

The inflatable gymnastic mat is usually around 3 to 3.5 feet wide, with a height of 4 to 8 inches. However, you will find other models ranging in size from 1.5 to 39 feet. Before making the final decision, you need to consider how much space you have to put on the mat and how it will be used.

For some activities, such as martial arts or yoga, you may need 4 or 5 feet to be successful in what you do. And if you think you need more space to stand up, a small two 2-foot mat will be fine.

If space is not an issue, for safety reasons, always go for more lengths rather than less.

Choose air quality products for your gym mat.

Since your air gymnastics mat is supposed to protect your body during complex aerial maneuvers, the material must be high quality. 

PVC plastic or tarpaulin

Solid and durable, PVC material is often used as the outer layer of the air track mat. Ensure the mat’s surface has a soft texture to protect your skin from scratches and abrasions.

Double wall or drop space

Double-wall technology has been around for decades and involves thousands of threads connecting two woven polyester layers.

The straps allow your air gym mat to be inflated to maximum pressure while maintaining a flat surface.

These straps hold the polyester in place and are very important, as the work area would swell under pressure without them.

Pay attention to other accessories for your air track mat

It would help if you also considered other essential aspects of your mat, such as carrying handles, two valves, splicing, etc.

Carry handles

The carrying handles of your inflatable mat are designed on both sides and allow you to carry or slide it. Choosing handles with a rubber coating is better, as they provide better control.

Two valves

The key to using a gym mat is controlling the air, and that’s what the two valves do. You can then fill or deflate the air to reach its full pressure without affecting the overall inflation. In short, one valve cover is used for inflation while the other allows for pressure adjustment.

Splicing process

When it comes to inflatable mats, a connecting cable can be used to connect two mats for use side-by-side. Some manufacturers may include it with the mat, but you can buy it separately in other cases.


In short, to be sure to find the best air track mat, you need to consider some characteristics of size, material, and other accessories. First, it is recommended to choose Kameymall model that will suit the space you have.

And if you’ve made that last place for the fall, check out a series of air gym mats before you buy.