How to Choose the Right Background Song For Your Vlog

Rohan Mathew

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Maybe you’re a new vlogger, or maybe you’re struggling to get consistent views. As a new or struggling vlogger, you’re looking to other bloggers to see how it’s done.

You’re observing their personas, the equipment they might use, and the transitions between scenes or topics. You’re overlooking one important feature of a vlog, though: the vlog music.

Background music for vlogs is essential. While it is perhaps unnoticeable on the surface, it adds the needed background noise to keep the video engaging for the vlogger’s audience and subscribers.

You need to take care to avoid obnoxious, distracting music. However, finding that perfect cinematic vlog music doesn’t need to be a hassle. Here’s how to choose the right background music for your vlog.

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Think About Your Vlog’s Mood

What kind of mood do you have when you vlog? Are you upbeat, or do you tend to tell it like it is? Are you honest, or do you play it cool?

It all depends on the kind of connection you’re looking to cultivate with the viewer. You need to think about what kind of music reflects the overall mood of your vlogs.

If you’re a comedy person, your vlog should have that upbeat and quirky vibe. If you’re someone talking about something more serious, then an upbeat tune won’t allow your audience to emotionally connect with you.

Here are some examples of different musical moods:

  • Comedic (think exciting, upbeat, and quirky)
  • Acoustic (for all of your emotional and empathetic points)
  • Electric (maybe you’re a bit edgy or trying to make a point)
  • Cinematic (just like the movies, you’re full of twists and turns)

There’s more to explore, but hopefully, those four moods get you started on deciphering your own vlog’s mood!

Have a Consistent Brand

You are a person, but you are also a vlogger developing your own brand. Keeping a consistent feel to your videos will help subscribers stay engaged and loyal. It will also help you bring new subscribers on board.

Think of it like theme music. If you could give your blog a theme, what would it be? Do you do movie analyses, travel vlogging, or you’re always doing a new five-minute comedy set?

Whether it feels like it or not, your vlogs have a similar theme throughout them. It might be a similar flow of topics, DIY activities, or anything else. The vlog music should reflect you and your brand, plain and simple.

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Your Own Speaking Tone

There’s the mood of your vlog, and then there’s the tone you use for your vlogs or normally speak with.

When you’re choosing music, consider your own speaking tone. If you pick music that works on a similar pitch plane to your voice, chances are that your voice will blend in with the music. That doesn’t make an engaging vlog.

Your vlog music can’t be too distracting, but it does need to be set apart from your regular speaking voice. At the same time, it gets tricky to find the right song without overshadowing what you have to say.

Consider the Pace of Your Vlog

Your vlog music and the content of your vlog must match in their pace. Is your vlog more stream-of-consciousness? If so, pick music that will follow your personal twists and turns.

If your vlog is more structures, or you’re doing an activity during the blog, find the natural rhythm to your content. See if your vlog builds to a climax and if it does then have the music climax at that moment as well!

There might be moments where you pause or you need a break in the music. Use these to keep your vlog interesting or to make your point clear.

Your vlog’s pace is also an important factor in deciding what music you will use. Don’t rush through finding the music you need for your vlog.

The Vlog Music Budget (or Lack Thereof)

If you’re bringing in a lot of revenue from your vlogs, you have the option to invest in a stock music subscription. This will give you a wide variety of background music for vlogs to choose from. Grab unique cinematic vlog music!

That said, if you don’t have the budget to purchase a subscription, you can always look for free vlog music. You may not always get a variety of choices in what music you can use, but you’ll find something to suit your mood.

Vlog music requires time to find the right pick. You can’t slap a song on your vlog and call it good. You need to peruse your options carefully.

You’ll Find the Right Music

Vlogging continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon, with people itching to tell their own stories or showcase their skills. Academics are even researching the different styles of YouTube’s vloggers.

When you consider your vlog’s mood, think about the kind of connection you’re looking to give to your audience. Match your music to this. You also need to consider what your personal brand as a vlogger is, so your vlog music remains consistent across your different videos.

Remember to also keep your speaking tone and the pace of your vlog in mind when choosing background music for vlogs. It won’t be a quick decision to decide what music works best. Taking your time in choosing the right vlog music will help you in the long run.

If you have the budget, a subscription to background music is the way to go. If not, you can always look for free stock music.

Good luck, vloggers! For more information on a variety of other topics in the entertainment and technology industries, check out the rest of our blog!