How to Control Power In Golf Swing – 3 Most Useful Tips

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The only way you make it as a golfer is when you generate enough power in your golf swing. But where does this power come from? And how to control power in golf swing? These are simple questions with slightly complicated answers. But don’t worry, in this article, it’s all simplified!

There is a combination of ways in which you can control power in your golf swing. But this happens in a matter of seconds. So you have to be very careful about your movements while swinging.

Much in the same way, there are many ways that could be causing you to lose power. Mistakes to avoid when you notice you don’t have proper control over your golf swing. I’ll be talking about all these important aspects of a golf swing in this article. So keep reading!

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How to Control Power In Golf Swing

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The basics of gaining power in a golf swing are all about posture. You generate power with your body as you go up and down. The Fast Learners is one of the easiest teachers when it comes to playing golf. Learning the basics is always the key to mastery.

So your body twists at a pivot point when you’re swinging up and over your backswing. At this point, ensure your arms and hands remain in perfect alignment on the way up. While your body twists along the moving pivot point on the backswing.

During your backswing, your back is facing the target. You need to twist hard enough for your left shoulder to be right over your right foot. So that your chin, left shoulder, and right foot are in a straight line. This will send your right shoulder all the way behind the back of the neck.

Much along the same axis, you go down and around toward the forward swing. With squared shoulders, you can unwind your hips to generate more power in the swing. So the downswing is more controlled and powerful.

You want to aim for a longer backswing to not only generate but control power. This builds momentum while regulating better swing speeds for beginners and professionals.

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How to Correct A Golf Swing to Control Power?

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This is where you need to evaluate your posture, gear, and practice. Poor balance, lack of flexibility, poor weight shift, and incorrect timing can ruin everything.

Here are a few pointers to consider.

  1. Are you shifting your weight?

Balance and shifting that balance during and after backswing are priorities. This decides from which area of the club you generate power from while swinging. So you can stand upright as much as you want, but if you don’t focus on balancing weight, you’ll never get it right.

As explained earlier, to generate power during your backswing, you need to twist. So that your back is facing the target. This means your back foot and front foot need to be aligned.

This also impacts the way you shift your weight from backswing to downswing. If you slide too much or lose your balance, you will fail to generate proper swing speed. Make sure your back foot carries 60% of your weight than the front foot.

This will give you an efficient and smooth sequence from your backswing to your downswing.

  1. Are you swinging really fast?

This is a common mistake among amateurs. They think that by impacting the ball faster will improve distance and speed. But that is not so. The correct method to control power in a golf swing is better contact. How you contact the ball determines the power.

So with the proper technique, you can swing the golf club slower to generate a powerful and smooth impact. And this leads to a long drive. This applies to both men and ladies golf clubs.

  1. Does the grip fit you well?

Incorrect grip size is bound to cause problems in your golf swing. It can cause wrist pain, stiffness, and the much-loathed, slippery swings. Make sure the grip you buy keeps your hands steady and firm. It’s a good grip if it doesn’t interfere with your swing path.

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The Conclusion

Modern golf coaching is all about the body. To hit longer drives, you need to focus on creating a proper swinging stance. While others may tell you it’s about the lower body, there are three important ways to generate power in your golf swing. Horizontal, vertical, and rotational movement of your body.

Once you get these techniques in mind, you can recreate different golf swings without a fuss. And thanks to this article, you know what to avoid if you want to know how to control power in golf swing.

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