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If you are looking to develop a news website, this blog is a must-read. Here we will outline the steps of developing a news website preached and practised by the professionals at any reliable website development company. Of course, if you engage a professional company, the professionals may use a huge tech stack to craft a spectacular website. But in this blog, we wanted to keep it simple for the non-technical people. That’s why, we will discuss how to develop a news website with WordPress.

We know what you are thinking. WordPress has an impression of powering simple blog website with white or solid colour background and one or two static images. How can it suit a vibrant, feature-rich and content-heavy news website! Well, the time has changed and WordPress has come a long way. Let’s quickly discuss why you should choose WordPress for a news website.

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  • Is WordPress the Right Solution for a News Website

Find your answer in the following points:

  • This is an open-source software that people can easily use even without having any deep technical knowledge.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • It’s highly optimized for text content and you can easily add images and other multimedia files.
  • Thousands of WordPress plugins are available in the market to extend the features and functionalities of your site and enrich user experience.
  • There are readily available themes in WordPress directory for crafting a spectacular and user-friendly news website.
  • It got a robust editor and you can easily manage content and publish posts with a single mouse-click.
  • The platform automatically shows the latest post at the top. This is an ideal feature for a news site.

We hope you are now convinced of the potential of WordPress to power a news site? Great! Without further ado, let’s check out how to develop a site with this tool.

How to Leverage WordPress to Develop a News Website

  • Step 1 – Select a Domain

The first step to start any website is to choose a domain name and web host. Here’s how to do that:

Domain name – Make sure that the domain name you select is easily memorable. This will represent your website. Wondering what is a domain name? Here’s an example for your better understanding – – here, “” is the domain name.

If you are focusing more on brand building, use your brand in the domain name. That means, if your brand name is “News Today”, your domain name can be “”. Take your time to craft a professional yet short and easily pronounceable domain name. You may use a domain name generator like GoDaddy to power-up your brainstorming session.

Web hosting – Web hosts are different from one another. Select the one that offers excellent performance and useful features like brilliant security, automated backups, etc. A basic VPS (Virtual Private Server) or shared hosting can be enough to start off. There are various WordPress hosts like SiteGround, Bluehost, WP Engine, Flywheel, InMotion, etc.

Install WordPress – Once you are done with these two steps, it’s time to install the WordPress software. Many hosts can automatically install it without any manual intervention.

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  • Step 2 – Select A Theme

After installing WordPress, it’s time to pick a theme that suits the look and feel of your website. You can find various free themes in the official theme directory. In the feature filter of this directory, you can find “news” option. This is a crucial point to remember. Every website should sync with the type of the business. If you own a news website, make sure that the theme of the site reflects it. You may check out a few news websites to get an idea.

Here are two more aspects to bear in mind while selecting a theme:

  1. Opt for a theme that has a minimum of 1000 installs and good review score. This means that the theme is reliable and functional.
  2. Check whether the theme has been updated within the last 6 months.
  • Step 3 – Extend Functionalities with Plugins

Gone are the days when you could simply select a theme and go live. With the rising competition in the market, people now prefer to have useful features and functionalities on the site.

Therefore, extend your site’s functionalities with various plugins. For instance, you may use the Scrolling Widgets plugin or WP news plugin. It will add a special section on the site and users can find each article without straining their eyes.

If you seek to automatically craft news content from reliable sources, try the RSS import plugin.

Also, add social media sharing icons so that the visitors can easily share your posts with their acquaintances. This will amplify your efforts put in digital marketing services.

With over 50,000 free and thousands of premium plugins available, you will never go out of choice. Just pay attention to add the right features to your site. Too many features may confuse the users and make your site heavy. This may also affect the site loading speed.

  • Step 4 – Publish Posts

So far, we have covered various technical aspects of launching the site. Now it’s your turn to publish posts. Unlike a blog site, a news website needs to feature numerous articles a day. Depending on your resources, keep your users updated with the latest news.

WordPress’s new block editor will come in handy while doing this. This editor has an uncluttered, sleek and modern interface – perfect for crafting news articles. More importantly, you can easily format the text and add multimedia files through the editor. Hit the publish button when you are all set. It’s really handy for the non-technical people.

Wrapping Up

There you go – 4 simple and effective steps to create a news website with WordPress. Hope you have found it useful. Share your thoughts with us.